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yaEQ8 - multichannel EQ Eight Version 3.5
yaFader - flexible multichannel fader groups Version 3.5
yaGroup - multichannel audio effects Version 3.5
yaMidiGroup - link midi devices Version 3.5

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Comments by yarhammer


updates to 3.5 with fixes for Live 10.1

finally updated to 3.5 to run smooth with Live 10.1

if you are running Live 10.1 …you should update ya_Fader to 3.5.

… and ya_EQ8 v3.5.

Hey, if you are using Live 10.1 you should update to ya_Group 3.5.

just updated to 3.0 with new smoothing option and optimisations.

version 2.3: the master group setting is now saved with the live set

just updated to 2.3 with a fix for the group setting of the master device

it should be available again now.

the official and optimized version of ya_EQ8 is here:
including an inversion switch.

@Parametex I'd prefer You link to that instead as well. thanks.

we will post a special ya_EQ8 version soon.

using Scale here is the right way to go.
It will be looked into when freewheeling.

btw. know that you can unlink and link devices next to ya_Group. just click the device name under the big group selection letter.

i am afraid a useful inverter is difficult to implement with this solution as it would have to be device and parameter aware.
inserting a "stupid" inversion of the values would cause a mess and actually switch off all slave devices by inverting the switch of the master.
however, ya_Group can also be linked to an audio effects rack and its macro controls. so if you where to select the bands of interest and link them to macros that are linked to ya_Group… this could be a way.

(corrected version number to 1.1 instead of 2.2)