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About skinnerbox: Olaf Hilgenfeld and Iftah Gabbai aka Skinnerbox met under strange circumstances in Berlin back in 2003. The first years of their musical marriage has been a rather abstract electroacoustic journey that slowly got transformed by the neo-hippie rave renaissance that washed Berlin the years after. While growing up with places like the Bar25 and legendary party makers as the Bachstelzen, Skinnerbox always maintained a very individual identity, famous for their infamous improvised and truly live played shows (reaching another peak while performing a 12 hour live set at Kater Holzig, Berlin 2013) notoriously free from any obligation or trends. With a good dozen of singles on labels like BPitch Control, Darkroom Dubs, Bar25 Records, Tonkind and more plus a highly acclaimed full length studio album on Doxa Records ("If this is the future of techno, then we have a lot to look forward to!", Xlr8r) Skinnerbox have positioned themselves well above the inflationary electronic scene hailing from Berlin.
In 2009 Skinnerbox released the sbx 2049 - a drum machine which made them the first artists to release an instrument in conjunction with Ableton.
In 2014 - after 3 years of intense work - Skinnerbox ended up with another official Ableton Live instrument, an epic drum machine which is unlike anything you ́ve ever seen before: Time & Timbre.
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Devices by skinnerbox

sbx parameter sidechain Version 1.0
memoryBOX Version 1.0
POLYmemoryBOX Version 1.0
sbx CubicDegrade Version 1.0 Version 1.0
sbx 2049 Version 1.0
sbx mono lancet thang Version 1.0
Time And Timbre Version 2.0
Salami Division Version 1.06
Trigger Tailor Version 1.0
AntiDrone Version 1.0
cv4live by skinnerbox Version 1.0

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thank you all for the loving comments! please note that this is a legacy device from 2013 which we are not intended to work on, we did however released "Time Sting!" which has a lot more functionality including offsetting patterns, creating midi clips and what not:

@quick - ok i just uploaded a new version which lets you adjust the latency on the device itself,

@quick, yes, that is probably the reason, what you can do is edit the device, the "delay 5" object that sits before the note trigger is the one you need, go up with the number until it will play right (10ms should be fine, beware that its tricky, you need to test it in none edit mode as edit mode adds latency so you cant rely on that). after that you can compensate the latency with negative delay on the track (same amount of course).

@proflogok, new version uploaded, fixed this issue :)

@proflogok, i think i figured it out, what you probably do is drag the sample to the device bar of simpler which causes the whole device to be replaced, which in turn makes the id settings to be invalid, ill fix that, but for now what you should do is drag the sample to where the waveform is displayed, ie make sure that you just change the sample and not the whole device, this will work,

@proflogik, if you set slice nr to 4 for example and sequence notes
c-2 c#-2 d-2 d#-2, what happens? which system/max/live version are you on? do you read your files from a normal harddrive or ssd?

@proflogik, does it behave like this only when using push or also when sequencing with a normal midi clip?

@proflogik, does it behave like this only when using push or also when sequencing with a normal midi clip?

@crampe, uploaded 1.02, issue is fixed for real now ;)

noted, thanks for the useful advise!

cool, but pattern recorders wont work...

heres a demo video of the mono version, its basically the same...