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Username: scarkord
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Member since: Feb 07 2010
About scarkord: I formed ScarKord back in 2002, initially as an outlet for producing remixes and have spent the last 15 years writing electronic music as a semi-serious hobby.

I've remixed a wide range of artists over that time including Plaid, Gary Numan, Jesus Jones, Mary Pastorius, Savage Sound System, Ariel Aparicio and Oursvince to name but a few.
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Devices by scarkord

Meeblip Micro Editor Version 1.1
Dark Energy Editor Version 1.0
Nord Drum Librarian Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,094

Comments by scarkord


Brilliant device. Works excellently with the Mutable Grids emulator

Nice update

Cool! Was thinking of picking up an Anode soon - will save me the job of modifying my meeblip editor :)

Good work! Some nice additions in there. I've actually moved away from the Dark Energy and into the Eurorack world, so this will be really useful!