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About offthesky: offthesky is experimental sound artist michael jason corder from denver colorado.
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Devices by offthesky

Multi Pitch Shifter Version 1.1
offthesky rando chango - random program changer Version 1.0
Rack Macro Knob Randomizer - For Audio Racks Version 1.0
Rack Macro Knob Randomizer - For Midi Racks Version 1.0
Ableton BBC Orchestra Discover Template Version 1.0
Ableton BBC Discover Orchestral Template 2 Version 1.0
Muse Concrete Tool a Sampler Loop Sketchpad Version 1.2
Stranger Grains - A Granular Diffusion Effect Version 1.3
AutoSliders - Easy Automation Recorder Version 1.3
Pitch Shift and Draw LFO Version 1.0
cracklebuddy Version 1.0
seasick Version 1.2
demonictremolo Version 1.0
Drawtomation Version 1.1
note a chance Version 1.3
Collab Synth Drums Version 1.1
Collab Multi Effects Version 1.3
Collab Sequencer Version 1.0
Multi Matrix Mangler Effect Version 1.1

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Comments by offthesky


brilliant TY for this!! simple but super useful

@swimnbird - this is meant for non-grid forms of music. but check out my autosliders device. you can automate the reset of the automation loops. that will allow you to do stuff more to the bar or beat.

all about random sample picker/players! great w these folders of drums onehosts. also like this gui. but for some reason, im only getting audio out of the left channel..

@all, left a link to the quick and dirty m4l port of the pinball sequencer at the bottom of the description section

@hoags - the "simplest" solution is to hack into the device you are wanting to be smoother and add audio rates into the signal line coupled with a line~ object (and maybe 10ms). all that will surely bump up the cpu usage. of course if you are mapping to a m4l device or vst's parameter that don't have built in internal smoothing, it will still sound stepped

@sanders, ty for the fix/update! im noticing that this device isn't working with the new drift synth. curious if you might know of a work around?

yep, definitely thinking the same for a series (hence this one being filenamed with "1").. i think next will tackle the vanilla fx one (color themed vanilla cream), and the 3rd will be the crazy fx. also have an idea for a 4th "instrument" variant containing some synths. a lofty goal all that; we'll see how far i get...

great idea again! added that limiter/mstr w/d (in preset section)

thanks for the great feedback @shinytheshiny. i think getting some kind of limiter(+dc filter) installed at the end of thr chain in this is a really great idea for the next update...

@freddyfingaz, thanks again for all the comments/feedback! the rim and kick envelops really needed work. in fact i just replaced the kick altogether with my own creation. i think it slaps a bit more than the previous version. also added velocity in there for each module. since each is mono, you can get some interesting note choke effects playing a note w a vel of 1 after a note w a high velocity.

thank you @freedyfingaz! think im going to add some more effects into this thing soon. possibilities include: filter, flanger, a nasty ringmod ive been toying w.. we'll see how far i get

jk, will get those fixed w the next update. ty for the feedback @freddyfingz!

those two are flipped intentionally to add to the "you are drunk on a squidding boat at high tide" effect ;]

also ive updated seasick. the download now contains an additional "no fun ui" version (animations removed)

please download the latest 1.3 version. my friend informed me that the animated ui objects might be culprit for cpu problems on certain computers so ive turned that element off in this device.

thank you for sharing this! will definitely be using this to build some weird mb m4l devices

also @akingang, i am going to send this and seasick to a friend who is an advanced max developer and see if she can spot any issues (i am still a moderate, hobbyist max dev myself)

@irishmos. thanks for trying out and letting me know! for some reason when i froze the device last night, it did not save the midi routing abstraction file in within the device. oof, max is so full of bugs. at any rate, try downloading it again and see if this most current version fixes that problem for you.

@akningang - thankyou for the feedbacks! if you are getting ableton crashes, please report those directly to ableton. it is a known fact that max for live is full of bugs. but i personally have not experienced any crashes using these. also i have not noticed cpu spikes and i have tested all of them on a rather slow $80 2gram asus laptop. of course im on windows here.

@irishmis, have you re-downloaded and tried the latest version?

@irishmos - if the .als file is still crashing even after you removed all instances of the note a chance.amxd file, that sounds like a bug directly within ableton live 10 that has possibly corrupted your project. if you are still unable to get your .als to open (even after completely removing the note a chance.amxd from your hard drive) i highly recommend u try to submit a bug report to ableton (attaching the .als file) so that this kind of thing doesn't happen to any others.

@semi9696 just did a little cleanup to the note gen subpatch. try it now and see if it still acts up

amazing, tyty!

that sucks. it looks like the logic externals used within this (virtual sound macros) are not compatible yet w a.s.

this is great, thank you for this!

hey there, interesting device! just noticed it's missing the "nw.gverb~" external. might wanna freeze the device, so that external gets included inside the device, cheers! :)

solved! replaced the "live.path this_device canonical_parent" with "M4L.api.GetThisCanonicalDevicePath" abstraction, run through a "zl.slice 4" then through a "live.path" object. will try and post the resulting patch at some point :]

just now catching up to a bunch of comments myself. this site afaik isn't the best at notifying us of replies. anyway, ive ended up creating a sort of monster 4x version using this more simpler frz device (i put full credits to you wherever possible):

hi there, this is great! im curious if there's a way to get this to work when this device is inside a rack? currently that breaks it but would love to have a preset rack with this inside it. tia! cheers.

this is great! its nice to be able to put an lfo on the randomize button.
im curious, is there a way to make it remember the last device it attached to? so when you reopen the project you don't have to re-attach it to all the devices again. ty again!

amazing stuff as always!

ah was able to sort out the issue by adding a delayed loadbang onto the live.drop object (which fully forces a reload of the sample on project reload setting the length properly to the loaded sample). also added a "write" comment button to the buffer object in order to save any recordings. really loving this patch for live sketching.

this is nice! sometimes i notice it doesn't save the sample. so on reload the window is empty. and other times it will save the sample. but also, if the sample loaded is a bit longer, on reload the window only shows the first few seconds of the sample instead of the entire sample.

great for fast loopfinding. being able to just quick click/drag to select a loop area is v useful! ty for this

interesting. seems useful for live performances where you only want one rack on at a time (to save cpu).

way overpriced.

found out unfortunately no 32bit support beyond max 7. and sadly no patches afaik do this kind of thing for abes9/max7 anyway. perhaps its time to bite the bullet and upgrade the live performance rig. anyway, thanks again for the excellent patches!

amazing! bought (along with bip and clip gain- so great!). hope you don't mind me hacking this one a little to accept program change messages (for swapping out full instrument racks during live performances)

also - you mentioned 'other similar m4l devices'. which ones are those? im looking for something like this for an older 32bit laptop (but still super capable) laptop - live 9/max7.

very nice! i'm curious- is there a way in maxforlive to make the arrangement jump up to a particular group you are opening up? example: if you have many groups (for an orchestral template or something) and you are scrolled to the bottom- is there a way to auto scroll up to the group you are opening (like if you want to jump from the strings section to the brass section etc).

very useful - thanks you

very useful ty! seems in theory one could 'automate' this use a midiloop back (like loopbe1 on windows) to send midi cc from a clip out and back into ableton remote controlling this. need to investigate more...

waaay too expensive

super great patch!! also, really love that you've enabled automation/mapping of the min/max ranges for each lane (wish the stock lfo w ableton allowed this).

im not actually talking about the link button. so this is what happening for me:
1. i open ableton
2. i drop in 8 CC mapper onto the first audio track
3. i tap the first map button and then click on the volume fader for that track. it maps okay no problem.
4. i click the second map button then click the pan knob for said track.
5 - at this point the 2nd map button just flashes and does nothing - no matter what knob or fader i click on. and if i click any other map buttons, and then try to click any knobs/faders in live, those map buttons just sit there and flash on/off.

i can send you a video of what im talking about if you like.

seems like a really useful one! the first map button works, but the unfortunately rest of them won't link to anything (the map buttons all just sit there flashing) - link for mapping is turned off btw. abes 11 win 10.

much easier than having to set the cc64 to on in the clip. simple but useful, thankyou!

the second map button seems to only map to the megamorph itself and synchro buttons don't work (ableton 11, bundled max, win10). also the 'x' button, below each knob, doesn't seem to do anything (it doesn't remove the mapping).

mapping the first macro of a rack doesn't often doesn't do anything. using the "select" button, a rack's presets are selected but not triggered (i.e. the play button on the preset is not pressed/the macro knobs don't change to that preset). also the 'last' button doesn't seem to do anything.

btw, i get a white outlined box instead of the cards showing up in the card area (windows 10, abes 11.0, bundled max) - it's obvs not a big deal as the most important part: random params/mapping still work, but just thought i'd mention it.

such a unique fun twist on the whole random param generator type thing.

surprised ableton didn't just include this midi variant.. but regardless, ty! its nice to keep the lfos right next to the devices they are modulating.

super duper!

...also, little suggestion possibility for down the road: would be super cool to be able to trigger the rack's "Rand" button somehow via the stepper...

seems super useful! would be cool to have a version that lets you have multiple mouse strokes recorded inside it (perhaps ill build this) but for now i guess you can have multiple instances of this amxd in the project.

fun idea! loving m4l games

this is awesome - super useful. TY!

love the underwater style glurbles that come from such a unique distortion type (and surprisingly not a lot of options in the m4l world for the mp3 compression artifacts style distortion). thank you for this!

oops, nm - my max had become corrupt somehow (no mappings on any patch were working). reinstalled and fixed the problem.

this is a wonderful device! sadly it doesn't work in ableton 10.6 :( any chance for any update? :)

this works like a charm now - i use this in just about every live project now. THANK YOU TheM!!!

great device! if i had to suggest some features to make this even more bad ass useful, i'd say: some way to increase the recording time from 2minutes to say, 10+ minutes(us ambient people do a lot of long winded jams) and also, a way to pause the recording so that when we hit 'write to disc' it doesn't keep recording (it seems to keep recording until we actually hit the OS's save button).

nice one that did the trick! super useful now :) THHHANNNXX

i still absolutely love this patch. in fact it gets used in about every track i work on now!

hi there, great patch! btw, for some reason, the first lane (F1) isn't outputting any notes, any ideas?

i want to get this but before going through all the steps to download, can you tell me if this patch retains line break formatting? many of the other notepad solutions here do not(they strip out line breaks). also does your patch add quotes or slashes to the beginning and end of the notes like a few of the notepad solutions here? with those i get garbage like """""/////"/"/ that just gets added to the beginning and end of my notes every time i edit the textarea. thanx so much!

any reason why this doesn't save line breaks? i enter notes for my musical partner like such:
1. blahblahblah comment
2. blahblahblah comment
3. blahblahblah comment

and when i reopen the project, the notes are formatted like:
1. blahblahblah comment 2. blahblahblah comment 3. blahblahblah comment

am i just doing something wrong is do you have an idea of how this could be fixed? thnx for the device anyway!

i add comments like:
1. xcomment 1
2. xcomment 2
3. xcomment 3

and when i save/reopen the project, the comments are re formatted as:
1. xcomment 1 2. xcomment 2 3. xcomment 3

any ideas on how to make it retain it's original formatting?

great idea, but do you know how to make the line breaks stay in there? i add comments like :
1. comment 1
2. comment 2
3. comment 3

and when i reopen the project, the textedit area is formatted like:
1. comment 1 2. comment 2 3. comment 3

any ideas would be great, thnkx!

this is pretty useful... especially coupled with a cue maker patch for jotting down problem areas of a song while listening back to it. however i notice that there are a bunch of "////"//"/" - characters added before and after my notes as i'm adding new notes in constantly. do you have any idea how to make these from appearing in the textedit area?

is there a way to get this to preserve the line breaks?

love this idea! i downloaded the latest and when i quit and press okay, it just starts the game over, the window never goes away until i force quit ableton. im on ableton 9.2.2, latest max7 (all PC x64)

i absolutely love this and will probably use this ALLOT from now on. the only idea i had for a future version is a toggle that allows the creation of a new random pattern at the end of the current pattern's cycle. and also a snapshot system(if you hear a great pattern, it can be saved!). also a 'random merge' button that would create the new pattern based around the old pattern instead of 100% new, if that makes any sense. regardless, great work sir!

ahhh! copying the autobot.mxj over did it. i thought those externals were included in patches upon freezing? anyway, thanks for all your help and your patch is going to REALLY improve my work flow! one simple suggestion for improvement(that i might try to hack in when i have time): an option for double click. i'll be using this patch to quickly add in audio effect rack presets and various effects while i'm producing/mixing.

do you know if your patch could have the capability to fire off keyboard shortcuts? (ableton really needs to build in keyboard remapping) anyway, great stuff man and thanks again for a great tool!

love this idea! so the mouse moves to the recorded spot, but the click isn't working for me(PC & OSX Max7)

this is an absolutely lovely device!! will be using this allot from now on. would love to see a 'tape chew' simulation amount-knob that simulates the warbled low pass panning-distortion you hear from sections of tape that have been physically crumpled.

you got to pray just to make it today...

thank you! i've been looking for a way to do 8 channel surround panning in ableton - with each send going to a different channel. this is just perfect!!! now just need to animate that x/y knob to make the audience sea sick...

this is super useful! i'm not sure why ableton doesn't let you natively record automation into a clip?? that seems like a big duh! but this device you've made is a great work around, thanks so much!! also i use allot of different midi devices so i modded this and added in a dial to the presentation that sends a negative number into the 'p Controller Input' subpatch adjusting the gate offset. so i can calibrate the gate to my midi controller without opening the device up every time...

super easy to use - and super useful for live api newbs like me.. thanks so much for putting this together!

download link is BORKEN!!!

hey this looks pretty cool - would be nice if there was a random step sequencer built in that could control the trigger of various presets to the beat... or if there was some way to send midi notes from a midi clip into this to be able to manually sequence the triggering of various presets... also more presets would be nice (especially when controlling complex patches like reaktor live tools, etc).. but a pretty awesome demo!

btw, would be awesome for version 3 to have 'presets' where you could save various random sets and recall them later... or maybe there's another m4l patch that could work with this randomizer to do that?

this is one of the more useful plugins available. works like a charm for me: win7 ableton 8.2.5, last build of max5 as of jan2012...

this doesn't work... no audio comes out of it... running win7 abes 8.2.6 and last build of max5(as of jan2012)...

doesn't seem to work - have tried all the parameters... runing win7 ableton 8.2.6, latest build of max 5 (as of jan2012)

goood stuff! fairly cpu lite too...

this is really useful for making a generative song. thanks!

i was looking for something just like this... perfect! thanks for posting this.

really great - just what i needed!!!

this is great... thanks so much!

this is certainly a great little device because the chain selector fader in an effect group just does linear fades...

so in doing bass note sine tests, i noticed that the overall volume gets louder in the center... which parameter can be tweaked to adjust the curves of the fade?

also what would you recommend to getting rid of the glitches when fading quickly... maybe a line object?

thanks again for a useful little thang...

this is so useful! ableton's always needed this kind of simple function.. it'd be super cool to be able to have the values move smoothly when ya hit the random button... (maybe with some kind of line object)

anyway thanks a bunch!