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Name/Version: Ableton BBC Orchestra Discover Template 1.0
Author: offthesky  
Description: here's an orchestral template that can make your mockup life much easier. it utilizes spitfire audio's free bbc orchestra discover library vsti (download links below). but of course you can easily just swap out the spitfire vst plugin with kontakt, or any other vsti.

the max for live patches in this template are not fancy but are indeed powerful in that they really speed up midi orchestra music creation workflow within ableton. orchestral libraries rely very heavily on midi ccs to shape the realism of the music (i.e. timbral shifting). so with this template, the midi cc's are exposed on the timeline instead of you having to go inside the clips to edit the ccs. having midi ccs timeline-automatable could also be very useful for synth based compositions as well. this template can be easily altered to work with other styles of music, not just orchestral midi mockups.

also with the m4l patch in this template, articulation switching can easily be linked to a midi cc slider/knob on your controller which can be automated on the timeline versus the cumbersome drilling down into the midi clips to edit articulation switch notes. of course using notes to switch articulations also still works 100% with this template.

there's also an additional tool that let's you automate note velocity on the timeline - useful for speeding up the writing of percussion instrument sections or staccato note sections (versus having to go in and edit note velocities within each clip)

STEP 1 : get the free spitfire bbc discover vst (or swap out the spitfire vsti with kontakt, or your own vstis):
STEP 2 : watch the tutorial vid/read the tutorial .pdf
STEP 3 : check out the 'rough sketch' example .als in the project folder (made to only work with the spitfire plugin)
STEP 4 : create orchestral music for films/games and get dat oscar like zimmer's dune!

DOWNLOAD THE ABLETON TEMPLATE (also available via the download device button below) ::



now get out there and make some kick ass fantasty trailer music!

p.s. if an ableton 9 template would be useful, i can create one fairly easily add it into the .zip. just request it in the comments below.

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Device File: Ableton Orchestral Template using BBC Discovery

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