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Devices by kleine

Impulsemachine Version 1.1 Version 1.0
ck.voicesynth Version 1.0
ck.altostratus Version 1.0
ck.m4l pack 2 Version 1.0
ck.hit2 Version 1.0
ck.acid Version 1.3
kleine synth Version 1.0
ck.fourier Version 1.0
CC-PrgChange-Filter.amxd Version 1.0
xmas - max6 version.amxd Version 1.0
xmas - max5 version.amxd Version 1.0
M4L Vinyl Version 1.0
Pitch2Map Mac version Version 1.0
Pitch2Map PC version Version 1.0
ck.mystery box Version 1.0
ck.Bertha Version 1.0
M4L DrumSynth Rimshot Version 1.0
ck.spaceinvader Version 1.0
ck.MIDIloop Version 1.0
ck.reflex Version 1.5
ck.talkingnumbers Version 1.0
ck.bitxor Version 1.0
LFOMIDIno AT Version 1.0
M4L Tide Synthesizer Version 1.0
Simon Memory Version 1.0
String Version 1.0
Playlist Version 1.0
M4L Multipitch Version 1.1
Verbotron Version 1.0
StopFXTails Version 1.0
Tide II Version 2.0

Total Downloads: 66,634

Comments by kleine


Hi and thanks for your efforts! Your patch misses the ak.keyboard external. It might be worth mentioning that you can undo through the api without externals - see the code above..


Thanks for sharing!
Your poly~ patcher is missing. You can avoid missing files by simply freezing the patch….

Thanks for sharing!

Did you stop Live?

Nice summary of he current filter status quo, thanks!

Thanks viente for finding and reporting the bugs ^_^
v. 1.1 fixes the 3rd bug you reported. I'll fix the other ones later...

Interesting, thanks. Please up a frozen version of the Simpler_rack - it misses some dependencies..

you could use e.g. pattrstorage or coll to store the note values…

Feel free to mod whatever you want to mod.

i'm puzzled by this "like us on Facebook to download" it that important?

Excellent modulation section! Thanks.


You can find the Win versions here:

Nice! Would be great to make a gen~ version to get rid of 3rd party external dependencies..

another small update (probably the last in a while :-)
- distortion added (v.1.3)

small update (v.1.2)
- fold mode
- filter decay mod switch / layer
- more acid


I forgot to delete the "weird" patch - is a relict from the "pluggo" doesn't do anything anymore nowadays...

make sure to have downloaded the externals from and put them into your searchpath
Download the full package for your platform.
Un archive it.
Then stick the whole unarchived package in your Max5/Patches directory and Max should just see the stuff after that (as the patches directory is on the max path). This makes updates easy, as you can just replace the CNMAT package when ever they do an update with out having to change anything else.