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Name | Version: M4L Multipitch 1.1
Author: kleine
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Some sort of a audio effect equivalent of the "Chord" MIDI effect from the native Ableton devices.
Quite a fun device but it also shows the limitations of realtime pitch shifting audio.


Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Oct 30 2013 17:20:13
Date Last Updated: Oct 31 2013 02:28:02
Downloads: 8978
License: None
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Device File: M4L Multipitch.amxd


This is awesome!! But there is a bug with preset dial i think. Sometimes it sets second pitch dial to a wrong position. Could you please take a look?

p.s This might be one of my most used m4l device! Thanks!
additional info : it sets second pitch dial to -2 everytime
Found another bug. If activate only first pitch dial it plays no sound at all.
Thanks viente for finding and reporting the bugs ^_^
v. 1.1 fixes the 3rd bug you reported. I'll fix the other ones later...
Brilliant ! Just brilliant ! It makes my guitar sounds like an organ. Can't believe this is free. Thanks a lot
Really nice device.

Another bug: I have to put automation in ableton live if not the device always resets to default preset values...

I know it's been here for a while but I hope you can fix it.

Thank you

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