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Hyena - Random Buffer Looper Version 1.0
Baron Cimitiere Version 0.3

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@Rufus: thats a very cool idea, similar to what the ableton live suite "looper" does.
i'm not yet very fluent with max but i'll test some ways to accomplish that! thanks for the input!

hello @newmodernscience :)
thanks for your feedback!
as of now i love clicks! i will perhaps add an optional envelope for declicking tho!
you can now automate position and width using the small live number boxes (start and end) if you don't use random.

mmm i'll think about numbers 3 and 4 anyway thanks for your suggestions and please have a look at new version 1.0 which adds autorecording and makes time division automation friendly :)

and it is superb :D
kinda reminds me of KT granulator, only a bit simpler.

get it from monolake's website, that one does work! admin please update link!