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Name/Version: Hyena - Random Buffer Looper 1.0
Author: hyena  
Description: live buffer recorder\looper with random playback speed, position and loop length.
hit record to fill the buffer, then set playback speed and use the graphic tools to loop what you want from the visualized waveform.
hit random for madness! the random function is clocked, you can choose various time divisions.

now features optimized mc. objects and autosampling. almost all parameters are now automation and midi friendly :)

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Downloads: 937
Tags sampler, effect
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Dec 12 2018 13:15:22
Date Last Updated: Dec 13 2018 16:03:04
Average Rating (1) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: Hyena - Random Buffer Looper 1.0.amxd


This is fun. A couple of things that would make this extra fun : 1.) add an envelope at the beginning and of the playback so that it de-clicks the loop. Right now, it clicks even with an empty buffer.

2.) make the playback window MIDI mappable, set a CC for the width and a CC for the position. That way you could map these to a couple of LFO's, and create some interesting movement.

3.) When you hit Random, have a "Lock Playrate" check so that it's still random, but still musical, if you've recorded in a tonal loop and you want glitch, but not harmonic dissonance.

4.) maybe a min/max range for the random setting? I'm seeing alot of full width of the buffer selections, which are kind of useless for even 4n settings.

hello @newmodernscience :)
thanks for your feedback!
as of now i love clicks! i will perhaps add an optional envelope for declicking tho!
you can now automate position and width using the small live number boxes (start and end) if you don't use random.

mmm i'll think about numbers 3 and 4 anyway thanks for your suggestions and please have a look at new version 1.0 which adds autorecording and makes time division automation friendly :)

Hey There!
I love the idea of your plugin.
For the specific work I do: Is there a possibility to build in a drag and drop feature so that I can pull the loops out of the live looper and drop them as a clip to channel?
Best regards,

@Rufus: thats a very cool idea, similar to what the ableton live suite "looper" does.
i'm not yet very fluent with max but i'll test some ways to accomplish that! thanks for the input!

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