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Name | Version: random clip launcher AUDIO 1.1
Author: chapelierfou
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Remotely launch random clips in this AUDIO track, within a range.


Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: May 10 2016 13:08:10
Date Last Updated: Dec 05 2019 12:26:58
Downloads: 827
License: None
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Device File: random_clip_launcher_AUDIO 1.1.amxd


Hello Chapelierfou I realy like the random clip laucher, thanks it is exactly what I wanted.
Nevertheless I cant use it because I want want use it in a midi track.. and it block the midi datas.
Would it be possible to adapt it to work in a midi track too?

:) thank in advance!
I fixed this one and uploaded a MIDI version.
(Unfortunately there is no way to get MIDI through an Audio device).
Hey Chapelierfou,

I bumped into the forum thread through Google, where you mention being able to build this patch, while I was searching for something similar :-)
Really cool of you helping out so fast and effective!

The patch is almost what I need too, but there is a function missing, like in the alternative ones I bumped into too. The click function is btw a nice add-on which I hadn’t thought of yet :-)

I am searching for a random trigger of clips, which plays all clips, one by one, in random order, but never plays the same again.

Is that possible to make too (I am even willing to pay you for it)? The launch function of Ableton is really cool nowadays and mimics your solution a bit, but lacks that function too, unfortunately :-(

Grt Boris
@Borissimo :
This feature can be added relatively easily.
The question is : what should happen once you've played all clip ? Maintain the same sequence ? Re-shuffle everything, at the risk of having the last clip being the first one on the second pass, thus playing twice in a row ?
@chapelierfou Wow, thx for your swift reply! :-D

Nice to know that it's easy :-) That's cool and a relief, been searching for such a solution for a while now :-D

The clips should just play one by one, randomly, but just all clips once. Then the sequence should stop.
Every time I activate the sequence, it should start over, again random and then in a different order (hence random haha).
I need it for a quiz, and for instance we could have groups coming after each other and the sequence should be different then.

I just thought of another thing. For instance, if I put 80 songs in channel one. Can I limit the amount of songs played too?
You'd better hit send me a PM on Ableton's forum.
As you replied here really quickly, and with the first message on Ableton's forum, did you receive my 2nd message there?

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