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och.lockdevice2push2 Version 1.0
och.scorestream Version 0.8.1
och.dobrian.quadpan Version 1.0
och.binaural-quadpreview Version 0.2
och.EQ8FreqMIDICtrl Version 1.2
och.MIDI2Freq Version 1.1

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"I would love to see a version that uses the Sampler device. I would pay for that! :)"
"That would all be no problem if ableton provides a way to assign samples to their devices without using drag n' drop or hotswap. That would open up a lot of possibillities for experimental sample management."

I really want to be able to do that! load samples to simpler, sampler, and wavetable...

wait... are you telling me you can simply control python using native n4m?
terrific project, btw.

Here ya go:

update :)

Thanks, I already had a note on the device page saying that it has a dependency on other max externals. I've rewritten that portion in order to be more clear. I'm also adding a sample live set in the next update. You should receive it via email.

very nice, indeed.

Crazy stuff. Can you make it so that it opens on a floating window?
Because I need to open it in max to be able to start it.

very nice

good idea

nice. looking forward to try it.

@esolo @5at19

Here ya go:

> any chance to get the device again? It's deleted from dropbox :-(


could you please point me to your actual place holder recording?
It sounds very good :)

is it a 3001 audio book?

47.24ms is the shortest you can make.
Use Shift + drag ;)

As I've posted on the other device's page:
Check this out:
Happy Late Xmas xD

Check this out:

update :)

P.S. I've noticed you mentioning somewhere that you were using a custom version of, but I don't think it was included in your frozen patch.
In any case, my quick hack might do the job.
Best, OCH


I hear you. Changing a preset, i.e. shift clicking it, will not persist after the session is reloaded. Here is my fix:

Update ;)

Like this:

update :)


You need Live Suite 10.0.4 and up in order to be able to change settings to use official Max 8 version instead of bundled version.

No. You need Ableton Live Suite 10.0.4+ and official Max 8. You can download and install Max 8 from cycling74 website for free but, if you open it, you can't save anything. Now, since Ableton Live Suite includes MaxForLive, when you open the devices in the Max 8 editor (again, via Ableton Live), you can edit those patches and save them. Right now official Live version is 10.0.5, and beta version is 10.0.6b3.

Please do release win 10 version soon :)

Right now it only works for the encoders.
For example, it allows you to be able to play with the keyboard layout on a midi track that is sending midi to a vst sitting on another audio track.
But I think I understand what you are asking for, and I'll try to take a look at that option as well.