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Devices by Demian

Midi-Notes-OSC-EOS Version 1.0
BpmPitch SKREW Version 0.1
BpmPitch Lil SKREW Version 0.1
Negative Harmony Version 0.2
UAD Auto-Tune Remote Version 0.1
Delete Muted Notes Version 1.0
Clip Gain Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 2,485

Comments by Demian


great device, thanks! there's a bug when receiving midi notes, it doesn't filter out the velocitiy values before "note $1"

genius! anybody tried it with a motorfader?

Hi shinito,
thanks for your interest.
this device changes midi notes according to the theory of negative harmony. with such it is possible to play a chord and get it's negative form, which will sound arguably chromatic but will have the same "weight" if we can say so.
just drop it in a midi track and record its output with a second midi track to see the result

Hi. this is the thread:

Lot's of love for this one. i have just one thought i wanted to share.
If i could control the base note with the lowest midi notes octave, that 'd be awsome. maybe even with a glide: imagine the just intonated chords and the modulations, perfect!