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Inspired by Elektron Octatrack's "scenes" feature.
Map up to 8 parameters.
Store up to 8 ...
1175 downloads, 0 Comments
Elektron Transporter1.0
A simple patcher which allows you to control the Ableton Live Transport from your Elektron Device Tr...
553 downloads, 4 Comments
Clip Shifter1.0
Rather simple device for selecting different parts of a clip to play, by parallel adjusting of start...
653 downloads, 1 Comments
Octatrack MIDI Ctrl1.0
Use this patch to controll your Octatrack.
Put it in a midi track and select a midi output to set...
771 downloads, 2 Comments
Arpektron is an arpeggiator based on the ones found in Elektron synthesizers (Monomachine, Octatrack...
2560 downloads, 1 Comments
M4L XY Circle Control2.0
XY Circle Control V2.0 (21th march 2015)
3752 downloads, 15 Comments
M4L SRR-BRR Step Sequencer1.3
SRR BRR Step Sequencer V1.3 (23th september 2013)
2431 downloads, 0 Comments
M4L Step Filter0.9
Step Filter V0.9 (10th september 2013)
an XOX step f...
2684 downloads, 0 Comments
M4L Drum Box3.3
Drum Box V3.3 (20th May 2013)
a xox sequencer with a ...
6644 downloads, 29 Comments

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