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DELETHER 1.0 by freevibes
113 downloads, 0 Comments utility
DELETHER erases the currently highlighted clip slot in your live set. Its a midi effect but it can remove any clip in any track . Perfect for live-looping, performing: Just map it to your controll... (more info)

Zaps External Synth Tool 1.0 by MasterZap
106 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
Use this if you work with external synths that are mixed outside of Live. The problem when doing this: When muting a track using an "External Instrument" plugin in Live, it actually doesn't stop sen... (more info)

MIDIMuter 1.0 by MasterZap
152 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, dj
DO NOT USE THIS DEVICE, use my "Zaps External Synth Tools" instead, it does this, and a lot more :) This does one, very simple th... (more info)

APC VU Meter 1.0 by middream
0 Comments effect, other, hardware
I made a new Max4Live (M4L) device for use with your Ableton projects. This plugin takes incoming audio and lights up your APC40mkii like a VU Meter, essentially turning your APC40mkii into a spectru... (more info)

APC40MkII Arrangement Position Counter 1.1 by Pip
581 downloads, 5 Comments utility, other, hardware
This device turns your APC40 MKII into a LED type numeric display for the bar count of the arrangement in Ableton. In other words you can keep track of where you are in a song visually by the bar coun... (more info)

STARP arpeggio sequencer for Launchpad and APC40 1.0 by Dudeman
2321 downloads, 4 Comments sequencer, effect, utility, other, hardware
This device allows the Launchpad to draw arpeggios like a step sequencer and per-step control of velocity, pitch, duration and probability as well as swing, hold, pattern shift and sequence direction.... (more info)

TOGGLE TO GATE 1.0 by freddyfrogs
1593 downloads, 5 Comments effect, utility, push
This simple device enables the user to transform any MIDI note message from a Toggle to a momentary/gate behavior. No need to open your controller's editors anymore as this device will let you convert... (more info)

Knobulator by Ned RUSH 1.0 by IsotonikStudios
0 Comments glitch, dj
KNOBULATOR The Knobulator is a MaxForLive device for mashing up audio in realtime. Turn the knob and the effect comes on, stop turning it and it turns off. Fantastic for live performance as well as a... (more info)

APC40 MSR Momentary Buttons 1.0 by NoIsYs
713 downloads, 4 Comments utility, hardware, m4lhackevent
This device turns the Activator, Solo and Record Arm Buttons from the APC40 into free assignable momentary Buttons. Put it on any Track in your Liveset and map the requested Parameter. For fast acces... (more info)

APC20StepSequencer 1.0.1 by alphacharlie
1265 downloads, 3 Comments drum, sequencer
The APCStepSequencer by Mark Egloff fixed so that the Cue Level rotary encoder works as documented. As other APC20 users have pointed out - in recent versions of Live the CUE LEVEL encoder does not ... (more info)

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