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Name/Version: APC20StepSequencer 1.0.1
Author: alphacharlie  
Description: The APCStepSequencer by Mark Egloff fixed so that the Cue Level rotary encoder works as documented.

As other APC20 users have pointed out - in recent versions of Live the CUE LEVEL encoder does not work when changing drums on the 'APC Step Sequencer' and that this function is incorrectly mapped to the MASTER Volume slider (which also controls main volume). Aside from making editing more difficult, this causes some undesired 'prehear' effects when using the MASTER volume slider to actually control volume.

This one had been bugging me for a while. I finally hunkered down and dug around to see what was going on... (For the curious the returned prehear control ID was off by one in the routine that detects which APC is plugged in so the master slider was getting dual duty.)

*Note - This plugin should still work with the APC40. the name is only to disambiguate it from the code it was forked from...

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Downloads: 1290
Tags drum, sequencer
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.3
Date Added: Jul 07 2016 18:29:03
Date Last Updated: Jul 08 2016 14:00:47
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: APC20_StepSeq.amxd


Nicely done!! I just got my hands on an APC20, and this solved my "cue" knob step seq woes. Thanks so much!

Hi! First of all... Great Device, Great Update! But I#m having an Issue using this on my new PC running Windows 10 Pro 64.... I've tried Live 9.5 and 9.7.... On my Windows 7 Machine it works flawlessly, but since I'm gonna work on my new Machine almost exlusively, this is a huge bummer.... Anyone got this running on win10 Pro 64?

i have the same problem under win10.

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