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Name/Version: MIDI Hub 1.02
Author: SimonR  
Description: Have total control over your instruments by manipulating your MIDI data in countless ways.

This device is based off the Expression Control device included with Live, but adds much more features for controlling your instruments or your Live Set. It can be used both for mapping and for manipulating the track’s MIDI data sent to your plug-ins. There are 8 MIDI “stations” programmed serially, meaning any changes done to the selected MIDI control’s track output will be reflected in the next station.

Switching off an individual station bypasses the selected MIDI messages and unmaps the selected parameter. Switching it back on automatically remaps to the same parameter. This way, you can map the same parameter to multiple stations and quickly change your mappings by toggling the station buttons. Likewise, switching the device off temporarily unmaps all parameters. (credits to @schlam for this idea)

Here are the main features. Every parameter is explained in more details in the info view.

MIDI In : choose between any CC or Note message as well as Velocity, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, Keytrack and Random.

In-Out # : choose which CC or Note to control. You can optionally choose a different number as output for converting CC or Note messages.

Clip : clip the input range

Scale : scale the output

Curve : curve the output in various ways. Click the small symbol for more advanced curves editing.

Lock/Unlock mapping : You can choose to keep the mapped object unlocked if you wish to be able to control it manually or if you want to map multiple controls to the same object. Otherwise, locked mode is preferable.

Smoothing : control the attack and decay smoothing.

Strip : filter Note Off messages for Note, Velocity and Random inputs.

Modulate : Send the signal to another station to modulate it.

Mod Type : Add, subtract or calculate the average of both signals.

Track Output : Choose what to do with the MIDI track output of the selected control. Off : gate the selected control. Pre : bypass the selected control. Post : output post-fx values. Both : output both pre-fx and post-fx values (if you want to convert CC or Note messages and output both).

Additional Settings : click the Settings button for more advanced settings. You can among other things save the current values of all stations for initialization (MIDI Hub will trigger those saved values after your Lie Set is loaded).


Release Log

- Fixed a bug where mappings would get corrupted when toggling device or individual stations on/off after duplicating the device, or saving it as a group preset with mappings.
- Fixed a bug where output values wouldn't exactly match some min/max % scale numbers, like 50.0%.
- Output values now stay consistent when changing min/max scale values.

- Added Program Change as MIDI Input

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Downloads: 631
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.2.0
Date Added: Apr 04 2021 00:58:35
Date Last Updated: Oct 18 2021 15:13:05
Average Rating (3) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: MIDI Hub.amxd


Excellent, Simon, merci !

great device !
..but maybe you forgot something.. =)
you said to me about the unmap functionality I added to your other device last time :

"Do you allow me to integrate this feature into a new device that expands the functionalities of Expression Control? I'll be uploading it soon and it will replace this one. I like your idea! I'll credit you in the description if you agree."

j'?tais agree =)

C'est vraiment pas grave, ta device est vraiment super ! mais m?me si tu as revu le syst?me de l'unmap, un petit cr?dit aurait ?t? normal non ?

Hey Julien, I'm very sorry I totally forgot about that...I should've written a note about it at the time. I updated the description.

Congratulations Simon, this is really an outstanding device... near perfect for me! Only missing PGM as a MIDI In option. Would it be possible? Many thanks and keep the good work.

Good idea. I just added Program Changes.

That?s great! Many thanks

Sorry, the new version still not available.

Oops, not sure what went wrong...should be working now.

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