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MBase11.amxd Version 1.0

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Awesome Dennis. Your devices are amongst my all time fav. You absolutely rock.

Big up Tim, another excellent device from you !

Hi Akihito__ can you please confirm how you save each individual curve preset within an instance of Grid SEQ ?

Hi, if I own these 10 synths engine, could you confirm I will own the Monomakkine for free ?

Just starting to listen to your album / and pulled the trigger to buy it, well done Jon, that's superb ! / will check the device later.

Another excellent device by Tim

this is indeed V1 ;)

spam ?

As said above… the vid is private. Could you make it public ?

Hi there, thanks for you work. Would you mind to elaborate on how you get this working ? Many thx in advance.

Thx- and sorry if I wasn't clear. My question should have rather been formulated : can you automate the min/max values ?

Hi. Are the min/max values modulation destinations ?

Oh - my message didn’t transcript well … it was a series of heart emojis … merci Vingt Deux, you rock. Can’t agree more with your statement. Eternal respect to Emilie, voilà qui devrait avoir la légion d’honneur dans mon trop souvent triste pays.


Seriously ? Okayyyy….

mini issue : on 2.1 (not 2.1a, which is working perfectly here), the display is mirrored... but the automation works as desired.

well... not on my computer, tested on Live 11 official and latest beta. I'm sending, of course, midi notes. In both cases, the device does the job BUT the live.scope window does not show any progress (PM ?)

display not working on L11

Excellent, Simon, merci !

Yes, as Manstok said... there is no 'map' button !

works perfectly on osx Mojave, merci !!!

Super work, as always. Big, big up Dillon !!!!!

timing speed / modes and sequencer duration are available as modulation destinations ?

And another great device by you, Sir, merci !

wrong download link, this is Gumroad main entry ;)

Hi ! how is this different from Ableton's Buffer Shuffler ?

Hi there. Does it harmonic progressions ? different rhythms ? Could you elaborate a bit on the note generation algos ?

What does it offer in comparison to the mature, heavyweight, and way cheaper (!!) Ebosuite if I dare ask ?

I think you should post a video to showcase its features.

no bother__ managed to do what i wanted ;) ///

Hi Nick, great stuff.. still.. was wondering : would you consider extending the amount of routing options to more than 2 possibilities ?

Hi there, would it be possible for you to post some audio examples ? Always been a fan of such a process .. in the analog world, and I'm curious to hear how your take on that classic technique sounds. Would defo get it if convinced !

it would be great to have this device updated so that the undo/redo history does not get overpopulated...

excellent job ! and working great with the few VST which have their host-related internal sequencers I've tried

excellent ! as always, when it comes from you, Tom ! Big up !

Hi / you posted that device a while ago, is this an updated version ?

Hi / how is this first one different from the one you posted later on May 11th, 2020 ?

"I make this device because almost all the lfos i see in the user library takes total control of the parameters and they don,t let you automate or modulate the parameter anymore" ?? / what do you mean ? you can enable and disable LFO devices, play with the depth...

Update : thx to Alex the dev, who delivered the products ! :)

It would be nice if you'd answer your messages... Still waiting for Simmer... bought at the beginning of the month and not yet delivered (with a delivery date mentionned as being 10 days ago).

.. nice job__ any link to the pro version ?

crashes directly as I drag the device

does not work here either on 10.1.2b5, on Sierra. Whether I drag the device on a midi track or try to open the example .als

nano detail: at this moment, there is no video link !

The MIDI modulators (commercial stuff) by Chaos Culture, available at Isotonik studios offer this kind of treatments. And you can natively reverse or stretch midi by moving the midi stretch markers. As far as I know it's not yet possible to flip upside down notes natively (only CCs).

really cool indeed to have this

great !

Many thx for the update (and sorry for my late thx). You rock, man.

best name evaaa !! hahha

works perfect on OSX Sierra, 10.1b13

That's such a nice device ! Thank you Max (I'm thanking you personally, not Max Msp / well, they have my eternal thanks as well, btw). Some suggestions for an update : allow the possible transparency of graphs, copy/paste between graphs, make curves -not only, lines - between break points, possibility to show a grid with values, editing on a separate (bigger) window. Anyway, many thx for the share.

If I dare... the price tag of your apps is way too high... there's no rocket science in making an interface for a specific parameter.

could you please elaborate on what it does really ? At least upload one video... As it is, it is extremely vague ! Requirements would be nice too. Thank you.

Well done !

Remarquable ! Well done, simple and powerfull, great job.

Simply one of the best ensembles of the library.

Great ! I cannot do without playing with a lag processor on my modular - here is the handy and powerful digital counterpart. Thx for sharing.

Once again thank you so much for what could be, at least for me, one of the top 3 devices here. This module is making my day, I am totally re discovering forgotten live sets, for which ornamentation was only possible in arrangement mode. Bravo.

Thank you Jul. Problem solved : M4L.chooser.js device version was not the newer one I add on my disk. Now I can edit the device, and make the relevant cc number changes to match them with the involved controller knobs.
There have been several attempts to transcend Live's limited recording capacities in session view, and I think this attempt is the most convenient so far.

Hi there. Humm I have issues actually recording the automation. The learn function works fine though. Is there smt I am missing (well, obviously yes) to actually record the automation, and play it back ? Where do u actually record the automation, in a separate clip ? onto the actual midi clip driving the synth ?

clever, as always.

Yes, again, indeed. Not only Christian is such a kind and helpfull person when we need in-deep advice but also he has made it again with another remarquable suite.

Check/reset the controller dedicated to volume in mbase, and that you are writing notes with a decent velocity. One thing which is sure is how well this device stands out in a mix. No soft synth can match its overwhelming presence. To record ur controller movements, there are no issues as soon as you avoid overdubbing your midi device : I have had an issue with my Sunsyn leading to a repair, so be carefull, record, make all the microscopic adjustements you want by drawing ur cc in live afterwards, but avoid overdub (on the same controllers only of course : for ex u can have a 4 measures loop with a different lfo rate for each note, but play live on the decay)