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Name/Version: EQ-Matrixchannel-V1 1.0
Author: Phatline  
Description: Parametric EQ (sender) which is Matrixed with all other Parametric EQs (receivers) in a Livest.
e.g. when you change the Gain from EQ1 to +2db Q1 50Hz, then automaticly the Gain from EQ2 will changes to -2db Q1 50Hz... of course only if you wish - change the Setting in a Matrix witch multiplex all togehter.

maybe there are some bugs... report them to me. thankz

This device need a SEND and a RECEIVE patch
dowload them here:

and here a demo set:

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Downloads: 712
Tags effect
Live Version Used: 8.2
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Date Added: Oct 09 2010 08:42:30
Date Last Updated: Oct 09 2010 19:09:18
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: EQ-Matrixchannel-V1-SEND.amxd


Hiya. Please see number 7 on the Terms of Service you agreed to when creating your account.

This device violates this term and I have deleted it from the server. You are more than welcome to post the device, and only the device again. Otherwise I will remove this entry from the database entirely soon. Contact me at info [at] to discuss.

uups - done. (its always the problem here when a device need a send and a one patch = 2 patches... and people got trouble when downloading them...because of not finding the other patch...)

Great thanks. Your work is very good and we're always happy to have you involved in!

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