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Name/Version: Drumfoldr 1.3
Author: ldmdevices  
Description: Drumfoldr was designed to overcome the limitation of the Ableton Sampler to have only 128 samples within the chain selector, and to enable automatic updating of the contents of a folder.

Put the device into a cell of a Drumrack, select your drum folder, and now you can select any hit from within that folder*.

Finding the ‘right kick’ can now be done much more easily, without any need to pre-fill a Sampler with specific files. Change the contents of your folder any time and the device will reflect those changes and still save the right sample into your Live Set.

Included within the device are the basic functions you would find within Simpler – ADSR, Transpose, Detune, Filter – LP, HP, BP, BS, Panning and Gain.

Of course, MIDI is limited to 128, so if you map the dial to a controller you wont be able to choose through every single sample, but you can also use the Up & Down controls and the menu for more detailed control.

*limited arbitrarily to 5000 files in the folder

v1.2 - fixed issues with the default adsr~ object which was creating clicks and audio issues. Vel-Vol updated.

v1.3 - GUI fixed for Live 10

Device Details

Tags sampler, utility
Live Version Used: 9.7
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Jan 06 2017 16:21:39
Date Last Updated: Oct 04 2019 15:18:22
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike


super nice and useful approach!! bought it :)

This doesn't work for me - the interface is missing a lot of elements compared to the picture here (mainly buttons and dials), and dropping a folder onto the device doesn't do anything. I'm running the latest version of Max and Ableton. Last time I noticed similar problems with a device it turned out the uploader hadn't frozen the device before uploading.

I'd love to try this device out, it sounds really useful! Could you maybe check the freezing thing and re-upload it please?

thanks for the heads up Martin! Yeah my stupid arse forgot to freeze. You should have received an email with the updated file. Sorry!

Looks like that's fixed it! Thank you - I'll be testing it properly soon :-)

Great device! Works so well with the endless encoders on push.

The only issue so far is transpose doing nothing to the sounds.

I will check for other things as well but,... bravo!


That's very strange, the transpose works fine here

ok so there is still a little issue. The menu won't always display the correct filename when you reload a saved set, but the correct sample should still be saved. I'm trying to fix that at the moment

Is there any chance this could be made to work with sub folders? As it is it only shows the contents of the top folder.

it's a good question, and I don't think so. I can't say for sure but I will try to find out a way if it is possible

My max 7 was installed but not pointing to folder inside of live. Transport works fine. Any chance warping could be added to this? Great as is but just wondering ya know.

This doesn't work for me (((

What's the problem egorsvoy? I can't imagine it just wouldn't work for someone

Bravo nice device and thank you!

Will this work for with Smart Folders on a Mac, and if so can you please life the arbitrary 5,000 limit to say 50,000?

If so, will 100% purchase this. :D

I have no idea what smart folders is. It works by file path and allows access within a single folder. It cannot find folders within folders, only what is directly there in that folder

@broah - just to let you know if you haven't already found out, this does NOT work with "Smart Folders" because they are actually not folders at all. They are merely a "SavedSearch" file that the Finder can read. Drumfoldr WILL work with Aliases and even better Symlinks - which is awesome. But no dynamic folders unfortunately.

I'm working on getting exactly that to work, so that I can have an automatically updating dynamic folder of every audio file with "kick" in the name of it, that is under say 2 seconds in length. For me anyway that will do the trick nicely, if I can just find a way to make a truly dynamic folder. I'm hoping I don't have to resort to Automator or somesuch, but it may be the only way.

Oh and I second the request to raise the limit for just such an application as this.

Additionally to the developer, the plugin works for me but the menu which allows for selection of filter type (at least I think that's what it is) is empty and does nothing. Everything else appears to work.

Would love to have a reset function though like doubleclick a knob or CMD/Alt click, etc. Something to just set the param back to zero.

Great plugin tho, much needed so thanks!!

Ah crap I stand corrected. Putting DrumFoldr in a group in order to macro it, results in the Filter switch and Filter Selection functions not being automatable. They appear in the Map page but with no values, so you can't set the min & max ranges at all. Drag... any chance this could be fixed?? =)

There is also something very odd with the playback of drumfoldr. Comparing the same sample loaded into it, vs playing as a simple clip, gives very different results.

The clip plays a solid, full-bodied drum sample. The sampler (drumfoldr) plays back a weak, thinner, and truncated sound. Not the same at all. I've got the envelope on df cranked open all the way, no filter, and velocity at 127. drumfolder sounds pretty awful by comparison actually... I'm pretty shocked and disappointed. Anyone else noticing this??

I love the functionality of this plugin but if it's drastically altering the sample content, then sadly it's not very usable. =(

@vanKloot - thanks for the heads up! I think for now I will try just symlinking a bunch of kicks to a main KICKS folder and doing it that way. Of course, as you pointed out, this is not dynamic so would eventually need to be manually updated.

I too have noticed the difference in the sample playback sound you are talking about. Any idea how / why this is happening?

You shouldn't be hearing the same issue because I already solved that with the last update in April. It was an issue with the sample being stretched and repitched, but I cleared it up

@ldmdevices - must've missed the update. Will definitely check this out then.

So, since the symlinks workaround is an option, think it would be possible to lift the 5000 file limit to say something like 50000? I don't think I have that many kicks, of course, but I know there are more than 5000. :D

Hey! Great device! Way more better than loading all your drum sounds into a drumrack. Was searching for something like this for years.

But I have a few problems with the device.

1. There is a strange clicking sound.Especially with kick sounds. It is getting better, if I pull down the release knob to minimum. You have any idea how to fix that?

2. I can't see any filter options, so I can't switch the filter types

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Ableton should integrate the folder decice to simpler :)

Hi, thanks for getting in touch.

I'm sorry to hear there are issues. Are you getting a click with many different samples? I haven't heard of any issues like this. It's been a while since I looked at this device.

As for the filter, does the device look the same as the picture here? If it is then you click the filter button at the bottom for the options to become active. If there is any image not showing it means i'm an idiot and i forgot to freeze the device for the latest update!

hi! thanks for your answer and support.

I tried a bunch of samples. Snares and hi hats are ok.
But most of the kick sounds have got this clicking.
I can send you a link with some examples.

No, the filter section doesn't look like the picture here.
I already clicked on the filter button, but nothing happend. It's still gray.

Thanks for your time!

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