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Rand and Hold Version 1.0
Sampler Control Version 1.0.3
Triggered Knob Version 1.0
Parameter Locks Version 2.0.2
Volume Function Sequencer Version 1.0
Recording Sampler Version 1.0
Recording Sampler Input Version 1.0

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@rozze Im just guessing here but I’d think a reset would be a single pulse upon playback start so you can have all your external sequencers start on one.

I often find myself wishing I could record stops in the slice recorder. I often find when Im slicing around that it eventually seems too busy. There is gate mode which is cool but actually not busy enough (useful for other stuff of course) and its hard to roll your fingers in a way that makes gate mode play consecutive slices smoothly. Would be cool if while you record slice rearranging if you could tap a stop, wait however long and then tap some more spices. That way on playback you get a nice break.

Even cooler would be the ability to choose to pass live audio during stops.

Still crazy about your device. Any word on current bugs?

Looks like the slice recording stops working if I change tempo at some point during playback.

I can't figure out what causes it but I keep losing the ability to record the jump seq. I'll hold down the button and it flashes red and then when I push it to start recording it jumps to playback.

I can't figure out what causes it but I keep losing the ability to record the jump seq. I'll hold down the button and it flashes red and then when I push it to start recording it jumps to playback.

Interesting I'll check that out. When using multiple insurances how do you pick which seq view you go into?

Just noticed if I save a set and then reload it the device won't show on push. If I reboot live and open that set it does show.

Just noticed if I save a set and then reload it the device won't show on push. If I reboot live and open that set it does show.

The device shows the right color number but the push one shows the default color. If I move the row on the one thats the wrong color it then starts showing the right color.

Play head fix worked great.

Since I'm using the recording function on push (I don't know what termonology you use for some of the features, the bottom scene button is what I mean) I don't have need for the sequencer view. I wonder how difficult it would be to have the option of making the sequencer a parameter sequencer that can map to live parameters? That would be really cool. You could map it to an effects chain selector and get down to some craziness. Feel free to ignore my ideas that don't strike your fancy I know they are tall orders.

They're working on that. Said they'd have a fix shortly.

Another bug is the color doesn't recall on loading a set.

Aside from the bugs it's still my favorite new toy.

Windows 10, live 9.7.1 max 7.3.2 when I drop the device on the track I get error newobj floor: No such object. I just noticed now that when I select push as the controller I get a huge list of no valid ibject and invalid path. Kinda surprising considering how great its been working. I can email it to you if that would help.

2 bugs here. Colors above 4 don't work and I'm not getting playhead feedback on push one in the default view (not the seq view which does have a play head)

Just 2 ideas; you have a thru play mode and a gate mode but you don't have a thru play gate mode that plays thru while heald.
Theres a monome device called mlr you may have heard of. The only real difference between hindsight and mlr is on the monome you can hold one slice point down and then touch another and it creates a loop between them.

You knocked the slice recording out of the park though I've been wacking away at that for a couple days now. So good.

Both the manual control and the midi control over cutoff seem to not be producing any results. Under midi control I can see the cutoff move around but the sound stays the same.

Your youtube link isnt working for me

Is there any chance this could be made to work with sub folders? As it is it only shows the contents of the top folder.

Is it right that it goes farther at 100 curve than it does at -100 curve? At 100 I can get tonal rates but at -100 it's in the rhythmic range.

Damn I wish I could delete that last one. This thing is awesome though. Only issue is the randomize playback mode doesn't seem to work.



I'd consider getting this but I gotta see it in action first.

This is one of those circumstances where Ableton dropped the ball and a max programmer picked it up. Being able to control the amount of stretch is pretty sweet. Can't believe they left it out.

I wonder how hard it would be to mod this to work on midi clips. Would also be cool if it automatically affected the currently playing clip. Either way I dig it though.

Very interesting. Just an idea though, if you were to implement an inverter then when you use the EQ you could have one track lower a frequency while the other track boosts that frequency. Very handy for carving a hole in a mix.

Live 9.7 is going to have this feature included. It's in beta at the moment. Just fyi for anyone who might read this.

Same here. Hope it gets fixed it looks like a great device.

I like it. Would be nice if the rate knobs updated the stutter rate while the stutter was on though so you could ratchet it. Im gonna try to edit it but Im very limited in my max ability. Thanks though.

Sent you an email. Thanks.

I actually haven't watched the video cause I'm without internet right now and don't want to eat all my data. So I've only read about it.

Sent you an email. Thanks.

I actually haven't watched the video cause I'm without internet right now and don't want to eat all my data. So I've only read about it.

Just to be clear, I really really really really want this, but I'm on windows.

I was confused by "this key event is only handled by osx" so does current looper only work on osx or something specific about it does?

I opened this thing up with the intent of adding an amount control for the randomizer but I can't make heads or tails of whats going on in your randomize patcher. Would be cool to randomize just a little sometimes.

No problem man I'm just gonna take care of that one myself. And then I'll add this and that and this and that and...... now it sucks... :)

This thing is perfect. I love it. Especially all the extra voice types. I think I'm gonna add the filter section back though.


This isn't working for me anymore on 9.6.1

Seems pretty cool but the order of the controls are all scrambled on Push 1. Macros 1-8 should be first but they are on page like 5 or something and in wrong order.

Hey Tom, fun device. I noticed that on Push 1 the scrubbers are out of order. I think it skips #2. I also noticed that when the volume is at 127 it goes mute. Sounds pretty sweet though.

This is an Oscillot preset right?

You mean an api device that controls live parameters where each step can be a different curve?

That did it. The first couple sounds sound pretty cool. Thanks :)

I'm not getting any sound, using max 7. Looks interesting though.

I just uploaded my Recording Sampler. It uses an external capture device that can be placed anywhere in your live set. It's a work in progress that I don't really plan on dedicating any more time to. Hopefully the community can run with it.

Is it possible to see all the seq devices in one popup window or is that something that would require editing the devices? Cause that would be seriously cool.
Can users edit?

Im on a different setup but the original MarkE. Seq recently stopped working for me. It makes all the lights on the APC respond really sluggishly and sometimes they dont update. I had to give up using it.

This seq looks amazing. I cant wait to try it. can you use multiple instances?

I look forward to the video. Can we edit this device?

Any chance of hearing this thing? I dont have any internet for like 3 more days but Im itching to hear what this beauty can do.

If only there was a dedicated site for uploading maxforlive devices... :D

This is still working great for me on live 9.1.1 I use multiple instances along with the AS40 device which is also kinda "taking control" of the mute and solo buttons on the APC and while that sounds like Im begging for bugs I just havent had any. I do wish we could choose something other than the 2 velocities though and note mutes would be great. Ive tried to tweak this device myself but I found it to be a head scratcher.

Do you think you could make one of these for the timefactor? I would myself but the timefactor manual totally baffled me on its midi implementation. You seem to have a handle on it though. Im particularly interested in midi control of the looper mode.

Try the dropdown menu to select the output type. Some parameters need a different output range. This is a limitation of my patch because Im a novice.

Can't believe nobodies done this one yet. Just an idea, if you were to add a clock to the device you could probably find a way to merge the clip name with the time it was triggered. That would be really useful for long DJ sets.

Finally got around to trying this device out good lord I should have a long time ago. With the Mark Eglof sequencer in charge of sequencing and the As40 patch in charge of navigating the sounds this works surprisingly well. I was worried they would step on each other somehow or just cause bugs when used at the same time but I can step sequence on the grid and still see your device selector on the sends below and haven't noticed any problems yet. Works great.

Any chance of a version that doesn't have the device on/off selection on the mutes? I don't trust my dumb fingers not to whack those now and then.

Thanks for the device.

Yes I do. Im way new to max though so at the moment its beyond me. Ive made some noises and those midi utilities but so far havent ventured into api even a little bit. Learning fast though.

Eventually Id like to tweak the apc40 step seq by mark whatshisname. I want to change the shift options it has to include mutes and random. I took a look at it though and my brain melted.

Pretty ambitious. Looks awesome.
Anyone out there think you can hijack the randomize section of this thing? Thats the only part I want but I cant justify the price for that tiny piece.

Just realized its for notes only, any chance of another version for modulation of devices?

Awesome I just bought the euro module and was thinking a max device clone would be so great. Cant wait to use it.

I dig this thing. Looking forward to being able to sequence it from a midi channel. Any chance of being able to tweek the grain size on the stretch function?

This is great. Im gonna use it a bunch. Bug I noticed though is that C sharp isnt firing.

In modular synth speak though would be called a track and hold. I cant wait to try it. Id also be very interested in a sample hold version that only responds to midi on messages where automation points are only updated each note on.