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Name | Version: gFreez-mr 0.04
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Update V0.04 should fix the clicks and improve the LFO. gFreez_mr is a sound generator based on grains instead of the longer samples (or FM or feedback algorithms) that are often used. gFreez_mr allows the capture and playback of four separate grains of frozen spectra, and then uses a four-phase LFO and LFO-controlled panning to animate those four components into a constantly shifting atmospheric sound. gFreez_mr is particularly good for synthetic, electronic sounds, and it has a number of functions that are specifically designed for live use.

The freeze code is based on the work of Jean-Francois Charles:

Audio demo at:


Live Version Used: 9.7.4
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Aug 29 2016 19:03:17
Date Last Updated: Oct 28 2017 19:24:35
Downloads: 2078
License: None
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Device File: gFreez_mr_0v04.amxd


There's no way I can record or 'grab' audio in this device. No matter how much I click on the grab button, it doesn't record anything. Dead silence...
Same here. Hope it gets fixed it looks like a great device.
Argh! Forgot to 'freeze' the device before posting. Ironic, I suppose! 0v02 should fix it... (and it seems to work best in an 'Audio' track...)
So does 0v02 fix the problems? Oh, and I meant a 'MIDI' track in my previous comment...
Great device, the ambient machine!

BUT it has audio glitches (tiny rop outs) when I use it... Am I doing something wrong?
Version 0.04 ads new LFO functionality (various transfer functions), and I have tried to fix the audio problems (the granular playback was masking them very well). I found some clicks, but no drop outs, so I have fixed the clicks. As always, let me now of any bugs or problems.

Look out for sFreez_mr, a variation on gFreez_mr...
Pretty radical, but I seem to be getting a lot of pops still...
I'm still investigating the pops...

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