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Name/Version: EQ Ear Training 1.1
Author: Wijet  
Description: EQ Ear Training. Inspired by exercises from Bob Katz book Mastering Audio, this is a simple device designed to train your ear to recognise different frequency bands. The more you do it, the better your ear becomes and EQ decisions become easier, and quicker, just like regular ear training for recognising musical intervals.

To use, simply place some audio clips that you wish to use for training purposes on an audio track, put this device on that track, select train mode, and press the 'Next Test' button. A random EQ is chosen from the displayed frequency bands but not yet applied. Click the EQ in/out button to hear the EQ, then try and guess which band it is by pressing the numbered buttons. If you get it right the button turns green otherwise it will show red.

There's an audition mode to allow you to hear the effect of each EQ band, select "Audition" then click on the buttons underneath the frequency band buttons to hear the EQ band in action.

You can choose the gain of the EQ (3 or 6 dB), whether it's a cut or boost, and 3 levels of Q from broad (0.5) to narrow (1).

I've also added the option to use pink noise to train with too.

A timer is included which starts from the moment you click on 'Next Test', so you can keep track of how long your training for.

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Date Added: May 26 2016 17:41:00
Date Last Updated: Jun 07 2016 18:16:46
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Device File: RW EQ Ear Trainer.amxd


Thanks looks useful.

Very useful, works like a charm!

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