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Name | Version: bcResonCtrl 1.1
Author: bugcompass
Device Type: Instrument
Description: A Max For Live device that converts MIDI
note on / off messages from an external
keyboard or internal MIDI clip into
control parameters for Ableton Live's
built in Resonators effect.


1) Place the device on the MIDI track
that contains the source of the MIDI
you want to use to trigger the effect.

2) Select the specific instance of the
Resonators device you want to control
using the display's menu.

3) sustain-off works as version 1.0.
The number of keys pressed turns on and
off the individual resonators.

sustain-on ignores the number of keys
pressed, so once an individual resonator
is open, it will stay open until the menu
is returned to sustain-off.

fully-open immediately turns on all
resonators until the menu is returned to

4) Sustain pedal on / off (cc#64) will
affect the sustain menu. You can invert
the pedal polarity with the button.

Note: Again, the range of Live's
Resonators is limited, so notes lower
than C-2 and higher than C5 will cause
them being output as C-2 and C5
respectively. Given the pitches concerned
are fairly extreme under normal
circumstances this should not be a
problem, however if requested by users,
this will be corrected in the next update
to them being ignored entirely.

Updated in this version

1) Added a sustain menu to filter out
note off messages.

2) Included external sustain pedal

Older versions


You may used this device freely in your
audio production work.

You may use or adapt the contained
Max/MSP patch for use in your own patches
for personal use only.

Redistribution of any patches containing
all or part of this patch is permitted
for non-profit purposes only, as long as
the original author is credited and the
original patch and this file are included
each time.

Use of this patch in any form for
commercial use or profit is not allowed,
without the original author's written



Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 6
Date Added: Jul 06 2015 10:08:20
Date Last Updated: Sep 20 2022 23:13:06
Downloads: 4
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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great tool!
thanks for sharing!
very very cool! Thanks so much!
I'm thoroughly enjoying this.

*0 sample impact on latency compensation and very stable
*had to pile on instances before I saw any CPU increase
*exceptionally wide range of creative possibilities and routings
*responsiveness. enough for melodic lines, not just harmonic structure.

I've found ways to accommodate the device in many routing scenarios however I do have some considerations:
Does this need to be an instrument device? Could it be midi? I've found myself creating parallel chains on instrument tracks in order to drop it in, whereas I already have no-output midi tracks setup for other utilities or midi-thru.

Also, the note off messages are turning the speakers off of the resonators, right? If this is on a return, for example, at 100% wet that would completely mute the signal. I like the result for playing it like an instrument.

Alternatively, I can see the use of keeping the resonator open, but just changing the sonorities. I've worked this by grouping the resonator and assigning the resonator speakers to a knob with a range of 127 min/ 127 max. Again, I can see the potential of having the speakers off with the note off message, so a sustain toggle (or alternatively a foot pedal momentary assignment?) might be nice.

No, I don't miss having the full MIDI note range, thank you for asking. In fact, I bet it keeps us out of trouble-no continuous rumbling or screeching. I think you'd end up engaging the cut-off filter out of necessity.

Thank you SO much for posting this!
On second thought, I can see the advantages of keeping this an instrument rack, as Push will focus on it in note view.
But the option of not disengaging the resonator speakers with a note-off message might still be a good alternative for continuing signal through the resonator...
Updated device 11 Jan 2016

Thanks for your feedback. I have taken on board the previous sustain limitations.
Great for my purposes. Thanks much.
I just wish this came with a PDF manual but I still might be able to make use of it in the future if I can remember how it's used when I open the device.
Oh it does have a manual
when there are two instances of this in a project they interfere with each other. even when the dropdown menus are set properly. im getting crosstalk. any help much appreciated!!

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