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Name | Version: Simple Simon Sampler 1.0
Author: jonbenderr
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This is my first time actually messing with the MSP/audio side of things. Something bigger already in the works, but this is a fun little device with some simple sound design capabilities.

Load a sample of any length.

Set up to 8 triggers within.

Midi note triggers playback. Floating point numbox changes speed. Toggle reverses playback. Slider changes position.

The big "R" button randomizes everything.

Switch to mixer to level each trigger.

Load ambient/evolving sounds to create interesting stabs.

Load modulated reese basses to create neuro riffs.

Hook up a sequencer like my "Bassbar" device and target notes set to really get cooking.

Most importantly, have fun!!


Live Version Used: 9.1.8
Max Version Used: 6.1.10
Date Added: Jun 05 2015 11:45:06
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1424
License: None
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Device File: simplesimonsampler.amxd


Thanks, but the device not sound in my pc. I use Windows 7 64, Live 9.2 64 and Max 7.
This thing is amazing man! I have been messing around with samplers looking for something that can do this simply and quickly for ages!

Is there anyway you could update it to include a glide/portamento or pitch envelope function? I know nothing about max for live - so i have no clue if this tool is basically going through abletons simpler/sampler and then just being presented through a new interface, but if that was the case it seems like it could maybe be easy to update.

If you could update this quickly or talk through making updates with me I would possibly be willing to pay a small amount? Do you an email I can reach out to you at?

Thanks again for the awesome device!

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