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It works perfectly for those who do not have Push. :D

Hi and thanks for the device.

I load it, but my beatstep knobs do not match your device. Some do, but others act on the "on" buttons of the device. I am doing something wrong?

If there is no solution, I will have to remap the betstep to your device, and save it as a template. Or edit my beatstep with the Arturia midi control center, so that the controls match with your device.

Very fun. Thanks! :)

Thanks, but the device not sound in my pc. I use Windows 7 64, Live 9.2 64 and Max 7.

Hi and thk for fast answer.

My max for live versión is 6.1.

I'm using PC, Windows 7 64 bit.

Too bad you have to limit in functions, but if that is the solution... I and other people can use the device.

Whatever it is, thanks for the effort.

Hi and thx for the device, sharp.

I follow the instructions that you put in the "help" section of the device, but when i touch de pads, no sound.

I use Live 9.1.7 64 bit.

I load the device in a audio track, play a clip... "rec" in the device and after a seconds, "play". Then i touch the pads, but it seems that nothing has been recorded.

Thank you for what you can tell me.

Same here! Anti-warp don't works in Ableton 9.1.6 (64 bit) and MSP 6.1.9. I play clip but the plugin not works.