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Name | Version: Master Monitor 1.2.0
Author: Thomsonaudio
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Really only any use when in arrangement view.

Stick it on the master track, it lets you see whats going on in a mixer style view . Volume control and solo buttons.

Has 20 tracks but if you want more its just a bit of copy and pasting.

I get good use out of it as a quick reference, so thought I'd share it.

Working on updates.


Live Version Used: 8.1.3
Max Version Used:
Date Added: May 10 2010 16:54:35
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 2965
License: None
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Device File: Master Monitor.amxd


any chance of a/b snapshots for quick a/b mix referencing?
or just snapshots in general ;)
good. idea ... really helpfull tool for mixing whole tracks, thank you
cool. i was just thinking the other night that something like this would be useful. so sick of hitting tab when doing a final mix.
Great work!

Is it possible to make the window float?

Sorry don't really check the comments much. Quality ideas from everyone, will put them into practice and get a revised version up soon.

Nice one,

Hey there, this is a great device.

Well and truly needed to be part of live in the first place, so it is brilliant that you have put this together.

i have used it for a decent length of time now, and i have an idea that would improve it for me.

A db reading would be wonderful. just a little box that appeared with the db as you move the slider, and then vanished would suffice. However, a permanent readout box at the top of each slider would be brill. especially if it was like the one in the main mixer that had the current db, and a box with the last high db reading.

I guess ideally it would be best with pan controls, and mute and arm controls, as well as solo.

Something else that Lives mixer needs, is a solo release button, over in the master channel. It would be great to have that option and have all solos revert back to their previous position. that is one thing i love about my launchpad, but i dont always use it for studio purposes. so if it was possible to add this to your master monitor it would be brilliant.

haopefullt live 9, if it ever surfaces, will have this device you have made, with these obvious improvements, as a normal function of the program. Sheesh, bitwig are able to offer it!!!
yeah cool device!! thx!! :)
FYI for fans of this device. I made a mod of it that lets you float the mixer. So you can have it on a second monitor for example while you have arrangement view on the 1st.

Download here:

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