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Name | Version: Architect 1.0.1
Author: pmonet
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: *** UPDATE 5/7/15 ***
Work has officially begun on Architect 2.0. It is being re-written from scratch as an audio effect so you can place it on any track. Mapping parameters will be a breeze! If you have suggestions, feature requests, or any comments please contact Thanks for your support!


Architect is a user-friendly envelope generator made for drawing complex automation curves in Ableton Live. The envelope shape can be mapped to any parameter and is triggered by MIDI (default) or manually.

The time domain is set in terms of either seconds or sync rate. The envelope can be looped in free mode, can be triggered in reverse, and the min and max range can be flipped to invert the envelope shape.

There is a user-definable grid and curve points can be snapped to the grid. There are several preset shapes and the user can store their custom shape with the Store button.


Upcoming in V2:
MIDI-sustained loop mode.
Resizable pop-out envelope shape window.
Redo Map Button implementation.
Various minor fixes.


Live Version Used: 9.1.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Jun 17 2014 23:03:30
Date Last Updated: May 07 2015 16:54:00
Downloads: 21780
License: Attribution
Average Rating (8)

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Device File: Architect 1.0.1.amxd


Well done, nice cleaning of the Lil'midienvolepe device/concept.
Thanks! I should mention that this is my first Max for Live device, so please let me know if anyone finds any glaring programming malpractices or anything else really!

Feature requests are 100% welcome, as are bug reports.
this is a great!
This is awesome! would there be a way in the future to make the modulation lane longer/shorter?
i cant seem to get loop working
Ah i found out loop more doesnt work when it is triggerd by midi. Any chance you could fix that?
great work, love the display because it adds vertical snap. This was missing from the display in lilmidienvelope.
Thank you for all the feedback!

@EJWycoff - Yes. Plans for a pop-out and resizable envelope shape window are in the works. Is that what you were asking?

@dna598 - I'm currently working on implementing a MIDI-sustained loop mode. For now, you can get around that by automating the trigger button.
This is great, really good work and exactly what I was looking for. thanks man.
Im having trouble with automating the trigger though. As soon as I press play the automation envelove disables itself and turns grey? this happens in both clips and arrange view. Any ideas?
Oh, ok just figured it out. I need to have it on free mode to automate the trigger as a midi note will override the envelope.

A few suggestions for future updates:
Not sure if this is already possible but I cant delete nodes one ive added one. Maybe have it behave in the same way as live. one click to add a node and another click to remove it.
A little box under the map button so that you can manually select the device and parameter to automate. also this will allow us to quickly see which parameter is being automated.
Maybe an invert and phase slider.
A finally if you were feeling really crazy, then a second envelope/lfo so that we can morph between the two shapes like in NI Massive.

Thanks for your great work, I rated 5 star. Looking forward to new update!
@jasonmalcolmgibbins Thanks for your kind words!

1. To remove nodes, you must hold shift while clicking on whichever node you wish to remove. To curve lines, hold alt while adjusting the line segment you wish to curve. I'd love to make it behave just like Live but I'm not sure if that's possible with Max's native objects. Something for me to look into.

2. Yes, re-working that entire Map implementation is in the works. More complicated than I thought it would be; I'm still a bit of a noob with M4L.

3. To invert the range, simply switch the values you have assigned under the Map button. To invert the domain, use the Reverse button. Offset is definitely a feature I need to add.

4. This device was actually inspired by Massive's curve performer! Something like what you described is definitely in the pipeline, but a bit down the road.

Thanks again!
Nice device. Can i also use this to design my own curve and then bind that range to a knob? For live use.

I.e. A reverb dry/wet knob that has a long range of small increments 0-20 and then a short range of fast increment from 21-100?

_ Nice_ but alas an unusable device = keeps on filling the UNDO buffer!
Yikes! Thanks for letting me know - I'm on it.
Won the shoot-out for best envelope shaper! Very little CPU, easy to draw curves, understand out of the box.
Noticed with 9.1.5 on OS X Mavericks, updated M4L that the mapping cannot be cleared. I have a few of these saved with a set, and their assignments are frozen into the instances of architect. Even dragging them out, turning the device i/o, will not reset the takeover mapping....
Looking forward to the new features!
So strange-and now the map button keeps blinking, but is not picking up on any parameter that I wiggle. (See previous post for last issue)
Uh, I mean the last time I opened the same set in question, the map assignments were clear, however they weren't assignable...
My apologies!! That map button is the source of many woes, indeed. Thank you for your feedback and kind words, hopefully I will be pushing out a fix for it soon!
The image on version one includes a simple "x" for cancelling the mapping. Isn't there a simple way to include a plain "unmap" feature again?
Amazing device otherwise, don't know of any other that offers this functionality, including K-Devices' TED, etc.
There's a real need for this, I'd pay $$ for it.
Please fix! :)
Fantastic Device. Does 2.0 have a feature update to be able to "clear MAP" and re-map without re-loading the device?
Again, fantastic device. I am an LFO Tool fan and ow love this.
eagerly awaiting V2! hope it's in the pipeline my friend!
hey pmonet,

looking forward for v2.

it would be cool if there would also be dotted notes in the sync mode. i think now theres just triplets?
and a preset mangagement system where you can switch through presets via automation would also be cool.

really looking forward for the midi sustained loop feature and the pop up editor window.

Beautifully made and so useful!
Looking much forward to your v2 update.
It would be convenient if you could delete nodes just by double-clicking.
Really a great and useful device. Thanks for sharing. It will be in a lot of my projects.
Just discovered this one. Seems like another great device, really looking forward to v2. I can totally see how this is based on Massive's performer :)

One thing I quickly noticed - dunno if this is a bug or intentional, but it messed up my workflow a bit - is that the circular trigger button seems to get stuck when mapped to a key.

When I click on it with my mouse, it instantly triggers the EG and turns off as soon as I release my mouse, ready to be retriggered. But when I map it to a key and press that key, the light stays on, and it must be manually turned off with a second key press before I can trigger the EG it again. Make sense?

So, say, if I wanted to fire it off four times in rapid succession, I actually have to press the mapped key 8 times. If this is a bug, I'd love if it could be fixed.
Personally, I'd also appreciate lots more shapes. The ones you've provided in v1 are great and very Massive-y, but why stop there? More factory shapes would just help get the creative juices flowing, ya know?

Thanks man, keep up the good work!
Probably the most useful tool on the site. I was looking to make this myself or facilitate its creation, but came across it now :)
Can you please add a knob that travels the entire wave manually?

Is Architect 2.0 still in the works?

I really missed something like a flexible/custom envelope meta device which can be mapped to any parameters in Live.

ultimately I'd love if this device would be capable of doing some more things?

- Sustain Loop
- Envelope Loop
- Multiple Note-Input handling.
-> when new note is played, what should be done?
- continue envelope?
- retrigger envelope?
- continue envelope AND start new envelope and maybe mix the results?

The perfect flexible envelope (imo) can be found in Trackers like Renoise or even back in Impulse Tracker ages ago, it simply had everything one could think of: envelope loop, sustain loop, unlimited envelope points and drawing multiple note handling (Fade off, Continue, Cut, etc.). I made a short video clip to illustrate:

wouldn't it be great to have this as meta device for live to control any parameter based on midi note events? with sustain and envelope loops?
Guess there's still no 2.0 :*(

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