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Name | Version: REALTIME Audio To Midi Converter INPUT 0.9.2
Author: diego19187
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This Version has been frozen to make it work

REALTIME_Audio_To_Midi_Converter INPUT

you need sigmund~
to make this work!!!

you need the REALTIME Audio To Midi Converter OUPUT
to make this work!!!

Put Audio in, get Midi Out
(With velocity and experimental PitchBend)

a little twitchy but who cares, it's experimental ;)
not really stable yet!!!

Put the REALTIME_Audio_To_Midi INPUT Patch on a monophonic Audio Track or Input you'd like to get as Midi-Stream.
Put the REALTIME_Audio_To_Midi OUPUT Patch on a Midi Track and the Synth/Sampler or Hardware you want to use, behind it.

I recommend experimenting with the Arpeggiatior/Chords/Velocity Midi Devices of Ableton.

This is work in progress.
Any Tipps, Ideas or fixes are welcome!



Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Apr 05 2013 17:21:38
Date Last Updated: May 02 2014 16:31:06
Downloads: 4299
License: None
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Device File: Audio_To_Midi INPUT.amxd


Would you have any recommendations as to how to smooth the amplitude data coming to the device's fader? i.e. make the fader less "jumpy" and a bit more smooth?

I've been looking for a device that would allow me to convert an audio track's amplitude to some kind of midi-capable fader. This is exactly what I needed!

I've mapped the device's fader to a dummy fader on my TouchOSC iPad template, resulting in a sort-of VU meter display.

I'd love for the fader's movement to be a tad more smooth / less erratic.

Any help would be much appreciated. And thank you for this device!
Hi Veckatimest,

try experimenting with the "line" object. I updated the Audio_To_Midi OUTPUT just now.
Smooth up everything now :)

Sorry for the late response, this forum doesn't send me any updates somehow.

Hey diego,

I tried following your instructions (put the INPUT patch on the audio channel, and the OUTPUT patch on the midi channel then a synth), but I can't get the synth to work.

On the audio channel I do see the audio signal arriving to the INPUT plugin, but I don't see anything happening on the MIDI channel.

Are the two patches need to be connected somehow?

Thanks for the help. I'm really new to MAX.

I think I found the issue but I can't solve it. The Max window shows the following message: "sigmund~: No such object"

However, I did transfer the sigmund files to a separate directory and added this directory to the Search Path (When I go to File Preferences --> List Paths I see it there...)

Any idea how to solve this?
@diego19187 why don't you freeze this device so users do not have issues with the external?
I tried installing but can't seem to get it to work.
1. I d/l sigmund~ and put it in the Max patches lib which is part of the search dir.
2. I put the input on an audio channel and set it to mono.
3. I put the output on a midi channel
4. I toggled the "Touch to control in ableton" switch.

Nothing seems to happen...I don't even see the audio signal reaching to the Audio input device.

help? :)
Hello Diego,
Your device is fantastic !!!

Do you think there is a way to use more than one instance per set ?
I would like to have at least 3 channels of audio to make 3 channels of Midi synths.. Is ther any way to achieve that ?

Thank you !

And many thank's for your work !!!
Hi there, i seem to be only able to control ctrl message with this and not velocity. What could i be doing wrong? I can get an incoming audio signal to control for example modulation wheel on CC1 but not velocity, can anyone help? I'd like to have a piezomic control velocity on a vst and have a non velocity sensitive midipiano do the notes so i need to have the vst midi channel receive input from two sources at the same time.. thanx for any help
Supernice device !
I made a set of 4 devices (input and output) so I can use 4 instances of Sigmund in my set, it's crazy, doesn't consume more cpu ! works far better than the expensive "widi" plug !!!
Thank's so much !

Is it possible to use this device on win7 and how?

Thank's a lot

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