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Name | Version: ganz graf live 1.0
Author: vh
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Mod of "Ganz Graf" with some ableton live buttons.

Made to play and switch with the Apc40.

for those who are interested in my Music:


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Dec 17 2009 07:57:39
Date Last Updated: Apr 05 2013 16:16:06
Downloads: 10800
License: None
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Device File: Ganz Graf vh mod 2-1.amxd


thanks for this!
Good work!

Is there a non APC40 version?
First ... thanks for commenst!
@ shubford : you can normaly use it with every assignable midi ctrl.
I'm just getting a black screen on the video display. Is there some other settings I need to have enabled for the video to work? I haven't gone into the jitter stuff much yet.
this patch is amazing. i have ued jitter in the past and could never do such an effective yet simple patch as yours. congratulations!
is it all by yourself or did you get any part of the patch from jitter examples or someone else?
i would like to mess arround a little with it and see if i can come up with a visual result of my own, if you dont mind!
thanks a lot for your incredible patch!
Was on holiday sorry!

This original patch is not by myself.
The original is Ganz Graf .
I just added the Live dials to use it with my apc.

but Gantz Graf refers to the Autechre video I guess, doesn't it? can you share a link to the original patch?
OK i found the link inside the patch, thanks!
what does it do and how to do it?
yeah. get blank screen also. how do i make it work?
oh you turn it on. doh.
can u export the video?
if so how?
this patch is truly amazing....
i am curious tho, it seems to be limited to only having one in a set at a time.

is it possible to alter the patch somehow to have 2 or more.
like, one on your drums. one on synths.

could make for crazier than crazy multi projections...
if ya'll are still reading up on this patch.
one option is to do a screen recording. and voila.
Replaced interface objects with live.* ones so you can mess around and save presets in Live's browser. Great fun:
Thanks to synnack for his great Work on this Patch .
Hi, all I´m getting is a black screen without any video displaying. Could you please give me some advice as to what I´m doing wrong? I placed it on my master track as an audio effect, and turned on, but i still don´t get any video. Would very much appreciate any help.
Thank you so much

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