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Name | Version: LFO 1.0
Author: ST8
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: A really simple, minimal LFO. By default it binds to the device adjacent, however you can select the device in the top drop down. Modulates at audio rate frequency using live.remote~.

PS. this supports devices in racks in the latest beta :)


Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Jan 26 2011 16:23:55
Date Last Updated: Feb 02 2011 15:51:49
Downloads: 2865
License: None
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Device File: LFO.amxd


wow the "binds to the device adjacent" idea is brilliant!

Seems this doesn't really work with Instruments though. Ableton doesn't allow me to put one of these before Operator (for example). I'm assuming that's because this is an "Audio Device". Works great on effects you put after Operator though.

Doh, nevermind. I see you can select any device from a drop down that is not immediately obvious (and hence select the operator).

Right on!

The only thing that is missing is the ability to retrigger the start of the LFO to the clock. For example I can set the LFO to 1/4 but it's only in time with a 4 on floor kick if I hit start at exactly the right time.
Yer you're right, i need to make an equivelant midi device. will check into the phaser sync
HI ST8 - I just tried your LFO after you posted it in the comments on my blog. I found a couple of problems with it and as I'd posted about your LFO already I just included it in my post:

Just to save me typing it out again. ;)

I probably shouldn't have blogged about it just yet, but as you linked to it on my blog I assumed it was a final release and reviewed it. But once you've updated it I'll update my post as well.
Updated, hopefully fixed up most of those bugs. Should be synced now

I didnt post on your site btw Craig, but cheers for the review :)
needs 1/6 , 1/12 , 1/24...and retrigger mode.
mpe, when it's synced to tempo, it already seems to retrigger to me. yes?

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