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Name/Version: Volume Compensator 2.0
Author: LAEX  
Description: This patch compensates volume after passing some plugins.

Consist of two devices Compensator send (CS) and Compensator recive (CR). CS measures RMS and CR adjusts output level to same RMS. Put some plugins between them, make tweaks and listen changes only, no loudness increase or decrease.

2.0 New clear GUI, now possible to bypass all processing whatever it contains (native, M4L, VST, AU), Matched RMS now becomes green on Receiver, small bugfixes.

1.1 Added 5 groups to use in one project

Simple video

maxforlive doesn't allow to upload zips. so grab device on gumroad link

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Tags effect, utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: Feb 18 2018 11:22:19
Date Last Updated: Jun 27 2019 09:01:13
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Such a great idea!!!!

@Crampe Thank You!

Hey Folks! Please confirm if it works on Windows 10. I have some complains, but no chance to test.

Hi there...really nice information it is very helpful to me thank u

Hi, nice but I think it's the same as except you can use as many as you wish in a given project

Now if a utility were at the end of that chain, I could use the difference between the the CS and the CR to adjust the gain and then take out the instances of the volume compensators, right?
So wouldn't it be possible to construct the CR such that it's intended purpose is to be inserted before a utility and to then takeover the gain dial of the utility from it's current position?

It might be nice to carry these tools into a studio session, or a live situation if they prove to be solid, and then not feel inclined to leave them in place. I say any chance to take a m4l device out of the equation in a performance critical situation is probably the right move....

Such an odd behavior I'm getting from the receiver. When I turn it on, it sounds EXACTLY as the pedal effect that I had on to the right of it, EVEN when the pedal device is turned OFF. In other words, it sounds like a volume jump (and not that it is maintaining the same RMS) when the CR is turned on, although the values on readout is that it is dynamically attenuating the signal AND even when the device between the CS and CR is turned off, it still sounds like the effect of the device to the right of the CR is turned on (when it isn't) when the CR is turned on...

@c2001 You right! that the same, but Im just cannot found it when decide to make my patch. and for sure if You need staging of many tracks simultaneously use it.


thx for the plugin. great idea!

I have found a minor issue if your M4L-devices are used on multiple tracks. The current behavior is that all tracks send to "rms" but The send/receive must be track specific! You have to evaluate the track number (and use it as a prefix in order to send on "rms-channels".

Then I have an amendment. It might be a good idea to have a "adjust" button. Once pressed the RMS is calculated, transferred and the adjustments are made. After switching it off the sender/receiver do not have to work anymore.

Well then... keep on going!

Gumroad purchase page says "This product is not currently for sale." when you try to buy it.

@broah Link replaced. Try download again.

Love it! Thanks a lot!! :D

Loudness compensator for Master channel on the way!

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