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Name | Version: JunoControl - M4L Editor for the Roland JUNO-106 2.1
Author: Oddeo
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Editor for the Roland JUNO 106.

To be quite honest, when I wrote JunoControl, I never really finished it. As this was my first M4L patch, I was happy that I managed to get it to a point where it looked decent and had some basic functionality for integrating the actual instrument into Ableton. There were additional functions I wanted to add, but just never made the time to do so.

Well, the wonderful thing about the M4L platform is that it is �open!�

Fabrizio Poce ( has taken the original patch and done a proper job of finishing it out functionally and aesthetically. Not only did he fix the bugs I left in the code, but he went above and beyond to make this a truly dynamite patch.

Here is what Fabrizio has to say:

Things I addd (among others):

- Little thing: sliders instead of rotatory knobs (more in likehood of the real thing).
- Little thing: Added the HPF filter
- General: Fixed a couple of problems with lot's of data being sent to the synth (it is now smoother).
- Added a way of handling presets libraries which is efficient to the Juno: it uses sysex program changes
- Added randomizers of patches on a per section basis (the little buttons in lfo/dco/vcf/env bars).
- All parameters are friendly to Live (they do not spit into the undo), and are named (can be easily automated)

The JunoRouter patch has't changed much (your idea to get sysex out is intact).
I just added the possibility to see activity.

About the Preset Library handling:

To use them load a library by clicking on "read library" and use the "PATCH LIBRARY" selector. Each entry is no other than the juno sysex sequence for program changes (18 bytes of data values plus the overhead of sysex).
For skipping from a patch to another use the PATCH LIBRARY +/- or display cipher.

You can edit the patches and if you click on "commit" you store the change in RAM memory (so that if you skip the preset and go back to it you get it back as you modified). Anyway if you want to save the library as you modified it, you need to do click on the "write library" and give it a name.

Very important: if you save a live set with the device in it and a loaded preset library, the same library is recalled if you re-open the liveset (recalling also the saved patch number). This is true for libraries you opened or saved.

PS: I have attached some preset libraries (text files) with presets I have created/re-edited. You can see they are no other than sysex sequences for program changes. You can redistribute them as well.

About Randomizers:
They modify the state of a section of the synth (lfo/dco/vcf/env) in a way to "mix" the old state with random feeds.
Can be nice to explore if you got short on ideas.

In my opinion, I would say that this is a MUST HAVE for any Juno 106 owner that has a copy of Max For Live. Great job, Fabricio!

You can download his patch here, but for the updated router and presets you will need to get them off of my website:

**UPDATE 6/23/12 - Fabrizio fixed an issue some Mac users were having with loading txt files.




Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Feb 18 2010 23:33:56
Date Last Updated: Aug 10 2012 12:44:43
Downloads: 3006
License: None
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Device File: Juno106Control.amxd


awesome work man! still searching for this for my matrix 6 synth. would be great if anyone can realize that.

If you "freeze" the device, the .maxpat will be included in the .amxd.

No need to distribute that separately.
synnack, thanks for the tip. You are right. since the .maxpat was not a file actually used in the .amxd file all I had to do was "add dependency"

The file has been updated. No need to go to the external link.
Great Patch exept that none of the knobs are transmitting information to the Juno exept Patch Change... Any suggestions?
nice cosmetic but only the patch change works - no sysex is transmitted
Thank you very much !! You did a great job ! I'm using it every day since my juno buttons are all dead XD I really love the interface also.
Are you planning to do some other synths like the MKS-80 for example ^^

Again Thanks a LOT ;-)
jenz & zip,

Be sure that you have JunoRouter running in MaxRuntime. Without JunoRouter none of the SysEx will make it to the Juno.

There are detailed instructions on my website if you need them.

I just realized today that the version I have had posted (1.2) was the most recent. There was in issue with the LED's turning orange instead of staying red as they are supposed to. Today I uploaded the version I thought I uploaded a couple months ago (1.3) which fixes the color discrepancy. Ooops.

I meant to say 1.2 was NOT the most recent. Double Ooops...
i cannot get this to work in windows. i have tried absolutely everything... i thought there was a problem with conflicting midi devices so i used midi yoke and a software midi router to circumvent it but still no response from the juno at all, only patch changes are working...

has anybody got this to work with windows?
OK ignore my last comment, figured out how to get it working in windows xp.

1. Install Midi Yoke and MidiOX
2. Connect juno 106 to midi device (but don't connect midi device to computer yet!)
3. Start Ableton, insert Juno Control
4. Insert Ext. Instrument after Juno Control, route to MidiYoke1 (ensure this is enabled in config/preferences)
5. Start Juno Router with Max Runtime, route to MidiYoke1
6. Connect Midi device to computer.
7. Start MidiOX. Go to options, midi devices and enable monitoring for midiyoke1 IN and Midi Device OUT.
8. Go to view, port routings. right click - disconnect all. route midiyoke1 IN to midi device OUT. (click and drag)
9. Check that the juno is receiving messages
10. Tweak till your heart is content :)

The reason you need to route the midi this way is because ableton will 'take control' of the midi device, so the juno router wont be able to use the midi device if it is used by ableton. so the work around is to route it via midiyoke, connect the midi device after ableton/junorouter and then route midiyoke to midi device via midi ox.
I'm trying to get this patch running in live, but it's not transmitting sysex data.

Oddeo's site is up anymore– does anyone have instructions on how to set up JunoRouter for mac?
Crap...that reminds me that I need to fix my website.

I am not at my computer, and it has been a while since I gave this any thought, but if I remember right, the router is saved in the file that is posted here. I believe you just need to unfreeze it.
Hey guys. Recently I bought an 106.

The JunoControl maxpatch looks really nice. I´ve downloaded it already but JunoRouter.maxpat seems not to be available anymore. Can I get somewhere? (I´m working on Windows 7, 64 bits)

I believe the JunoRouter is frozen in the main download. If you need to download it individually, you can do so here:


hi everyone
i just got my juno106 back from a friend who had mad skills enough to repair it (without having to buy the whole 6pack of voices)

i think i kinda made it work in ableton with maxforlive and the junorouter opened in maxRT

however, i am not sure if it's possible to control the juno106control with my actual synth, as it would be much easier to automate with it using the actual synth rather than using the mouse and clicks.

have i skipped a part? have i done something wrong?
please help me out, i would greatly appreciate it!
Hi all. I'm struggling getting this to work. I've read all the other posts and followed all the advice (I think). I know it must work as there seem to be plenty of satisfied customers! I'll quickly run through my setup, and the steps I've taken. Hopefully someone can tell me what I'm missing!

I have Ableton Live 9 Suite running on Mac OSX 10.2.6 (Snow Leopard).

I have attached the MIDI in port of the Juno to the MIDI out port on my Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 audio interface. I have also routed MIDI back from the Juno to the audio interface.

I have created a new external device in the Mac's Audio MIDI Setup application, named the device Juno-106, and made connections between the Komplete Audio 6 device and the Juno-106 device to reflect the MIDI setup described in the previous paragraph.

I have launched the JunoRouter in Max Runtime, and selected the Juno-106 device I created in the Audio MIDI Setup application.

I have added the Juno106Control MIDI effect to a new track in Live, and dragged an External Instrument object into the Detail View to the right of the Juno106Control. I have set 'MIDI To' in the External Instrument to Komplete Audio 6 Ch. 16, and set the Juno to use MIDI channel 16.

If I arm the track I can record into a clip using the Juno-106 keyboard, no problem, and the Juno will play back whatever notes are played out over MIDI from Live, using whichever patch is currently set on the Juno itself. (This is the same behaviour that is observed if I remove the Juno106Control from the Detail View altogether, so I don't suppose there are any surprises there.)

With note information playing out to the Juno from my Live clip, I then try to shape the sound using the controllers in the Juno106Control. This has absolutely no effect on the Juno whatsoever. I can't even change the patch from Juno106Control. Everything I do in Juno106Control causes the 'view activity' blinker in the JunoRouter runtime object to flash, so it is receiving the messages (and doing the sysex conversion, I expect), but the new messages are not being passed on over MIDI channel 16, although the note information is.

Any help would be gratefully received!
I sorted it. The MIDI function switch on the Juno was set to "I KYBD". Don't know how that happened. Must have been when I moved it or something. I had read when I got the Juno that "most users just set this to function III and forget about it". I'd obviously forgotten about it!

Anyway, add:

I ensured the MIDI function switch on the back of the Juno was set to "III All".

... and this is everything I did to get Juno106Control to work for me on the Mac. Hopefully this will be helpful to others.
Hi! I'm new with M4L...
I own a Juno 106 and i've downloaded this patch but can't get to make it work...

First thing : How do I launch the JunoRouter in Max Runtime??
I see that I have Max Runtime in my application but what is the "JunoRouter"? What do I need to do to launch it in the Max Runtime app?? I've read in a post here that the JunoRouter is frozen in this download...what does that mean?

Btw, where can I see witch version of the patch i've downloaded?

Plz help!!

Hi there Oddeo,
I was wondering if the work you've done here would be useful to create programmers for other hardware synths using sysex ?

Would it be possible to convert the junorouter to talk with those other synths ?

It would be really great for us willing newbies out there to have a kind of base to start from to build controllers, with the ground work done and just the customization to do which "might" be easier.

I'm willing to do one for an alpha juno, a korg EX8000 and a Matrix 6 synth if possible ;)

Thanks for your answer.
When you press "commit", does that send a snapshot of all parameters in the Max control surface? I'm looking to use this as an editor for my MKS-7 (rack unit with same architecture/chips as the 106), which doesn't have a memory. You can edit patches, but when you switch a patch your changes are gone. If this can dump all parameters at once, it would be a perfect tool for giving the MKS a memory and giving me easy access to edit it.

Oddeo / Fabrizio -

Excellent M4L device! Thanks for designing such a useful thing. I am trying to control my 106 in LIve 9. I think I have everything set up correctly.

I can play notes and change the patch using control, but no other changes such as LFO, DCO, HPF, VCF, VCA, or Env.

Can you help me?

It looks like I have an issue with Junorouter.

I open it in Max, but it doesn't give me an option to set the output to my Juno.

The only option in the pulldown is Juno106Control.amxd.

Shouldnt I see my actual Juno as an output option? Does it need to be started before Live takes over the Juno?
Figured it out! I did not have Max Runtime installed. I assumed using MaxforLive editor would be same as Max Runtime. Its working now, GREAT device!
Very cool ! Thanks.
Looking for the same device for OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 R.
If someone have created it, you can send me a message.
Having problems with this thing. I can load the patches and save them. I can change the parameters in the JunoControl and they change the sound. BUT thats it. When I move the faders on the Juno it doesn't change the parameters in the computer. Also there is a big problem with the automation. It just kind of freaks out. If for example I automate a long LPF sweep it makes a glichy sound like its not very smooth and it extends the notes really long. On some patches there the automation causes the notes to play spastically or not at all.

Any thoughts? Is there a flaw in the programming or am I just doing something wrong?

I am not sure what the issue may be, as I am not experiencing this. I would go to my website and make sure you have all of the latest versions

I hope this helps.

Hi there

I have exactly the same questions as alexalex above... don't understand the juno router / max run time step... any help would be much appreciated...


Hi! I'm new with M4L...
I own a Juno 106 and i've downloaded this patch but can't get to make it work...

First thing : How do I launch the JunoRouter in Max Runtime??
I see that I have Max Runtime in my application but what is the "JunoRouter"? What do I need to do to launch it in the Max Runtime app?? I've read in a post here that the JunoRouter is frozen in this download...what does that mean?

Btw, where can I see witch version of the patch i've downloaded?

Plz help!!

Hey Calisoul, I'm having the exact same issues as you! Hope someone can help us out
I've just decided to start using this on the Juno again after a gap. I can't seem to get it working this time. Any know. Issues with max 6.1.7?
Be sure to read all of the instructions and download the right items on this page:
Thanks for the reply, Notes and program change work but as soon as I use any of the controls it defaults to patch 11 on the Juno and there's no change in the parameters.
Oh and the Max Runtime windows is showing activity.
Do you have MIDI Function set to III on the back of your Juno?

Beyond that, I am not sure what else could be the issue.
NB I am using M4L x64 as I'm using Live x64 if that makes a difference?

I have routed as follows for testing:

Live>Midisport8>Pro 40 In>Midi Ox

And I'm only getting CC and control change messages from Live but no Sys Ex messages.

I run Live 64 and Max 64, so it is not that.

If you have JunoRouter running in MaxRuntime, you have your Juno MIDI selected in the pull down, you are using the most up to day version of Juno106Control running in Live, and the Function switch on the back of your Juno 106 is set to III, I am not sure how else to help you.

I don't understand why you have the routing you do, but that is your thing. My routing is Live (Juno106Contol) > 828 MIDI OUT > Juno 106 & MaxRuntime (JunoRouter) > 828 MIDI OUT > Juno 106

That is it. Works for everyone I know that uses it.

I sincerely hope you are able to figure out what is throwing your system off. If you do, please share in case someone else runs into the same issue.

Best of luck!

Hi All

Is this working for anyone running Ableton 9.14 64 Bit and Max Runtime 6.18? I fear because it was designed for Live 8 and Max 5 that it won't work.

I'm experiencing the same problems as Calisoul.

It seems to work in 32bit Max Runtime, until I create automation lanes then the sounds go out of time as if I'm jogging a pitch wheel. I can move the editors faders and it's fine, just not record the automations. 64 Bit Max Runtime doesn't work with it at all.

Moving the faders on my Juno doesn't translate to the editor either

I need the automation which renders this useless, sadly. It would suit me perfectly otherwise!

If anybody has encountered a fix for these issues or can rework the editor for Live 9 / Max 6 please let me know!


Jo Binho

If you can't get the editor to work, I've made a modified version of it here:

I have just discovered this information and slightly confused. could someone please give me exact instructions and software needed to set this process up for Mac OS and Ableton Live 8.


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