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Devices by yop44

Slicer Version 0.1
Launchpad Scale Version 1.0
Launchpad Step Sequencer Version 1.1
Push Midi Scale Version 1.1
PushMLR Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 4,999

Comments by yop44


Works great and no latency!

sorry, pattern looper is not planned at the moment.

You can use any track is the set by pressing arrows and move across the session.

Tks Because 789, I'll give it a try.

Even mapped in user2 mod the direction buttons still do their job in session mod :)

Drawing mod => When you edit your midi clip, then Ctrl+B

Thanks for the feedback :)


thanks for comments.

Yes, you can map the direction button of your launchpad to the sequencer button like +/- bar button.

I did'nt notice that before. While using the step sequencer you can not move midi notes. You can only edit them in drawing mod. I don't know if it's a bug, I 'll try to figure it out.

P.S. I uploaded a new version correcting some bugs.

No bug so far! It works like a charm.

Just given it a try, it's so awesome!

Greatest device ever.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks lek for the feedback!

@uxeexu : I was unable to find another way to do this patch without this external.