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About veedjee: Co-creator of "Dissident Square" collectif.
Clarinet player, turntablist.
Like all music and art form, anti conformist.

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Devices by veedjee

Cross Synthesis Version 1.0.2
Sharngadeva Sequencer Version 2.0
Sharngadeva Receiver Version 1.0
Octoseq. Modulator Version 1.1
Arpege Version 2.0.1
Minotaur Version 1.01
Delete and Duplicate Clip Utility Version 1.1
Clickometre Version 2.2
Vestax PMC 05 pro IV M4L Control Version 1.1
Stereo Gain Adjust Version 1.1
Output Switcher Version 1.0
Scene Control Version 1.1
ID Finder Version 1.0
Sherman FB2 Control Version 1.1
Metronome Control Version 1.0
CC map8 Version 1.1
Vestax PMC 05 pro IV Encoders Control Version 1.0
CC and toggle to MIDI notes Version 1.1
Roland Juno Alpha Control Version 1.41
Note transpose depending CC value Version 1.0
Vestax PDX Control Version 1.0
Crossfader Control Version 1.1
Relative Sounds and Tempo Calculator Version 1.4
Waldorf Q map8 Version 1.0
Freebox Gamepad Control Version 1.0
Tracks Utility Version 1.0
Sustain Mute Tracks Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 57,005

Comments by veedjee


Hello MS2000Love, if ever, you can find the name and description of the dials in the help section integrated into Live at the bottom left.

Hi, a new link has been set up, thank you !

Hi folks, thank you for you message !

I am a little overloaded these days but I will try to do my best to continue to improve and make the necessary corrections as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your feedback and your comments which are precious and very encouraging

Good vibes ++

Updated !

It seems we cannot access the crossfader whit M4L or MIDI anymore with the last versions of Live, or maybe I missed something.
Works fine on 9.1.10, but I didn't test others...

Thanks for report, I look at this as soon as possible.

Salut Greg, desole pour le contretemps, je suis bien occupe ces temps-ci. Envoie-moi un courriel a l'adresse suivante, j'ai une beta que tu pourras eventuellement tester pour me dire si cela resout ton souci. Helas pas le temps de gerer cela en ce moment.

veedjee (at) dissidentsquare net


Super, merci pour tout ces reports, cela me fait gagner un temps precieux qui permet de faire progresser le plug. Bien a vous !

Update 1.41 : Attack issue fixed.

Je vais me pencher sur ce problème de presets, mais je crains que cela ne soit du à l'interface du Juno qui décroche lorsqu’un flot important de données est transmis.

Sorry, I mean SHIFT+Click...

Update 1.4

Added step by step "how to work" in the description.

Hi all, thanks a lot for feedback. I'll check all of this asap and try to publish a short video tutorial to show how the device is working. Stay tuned...

Thanks, I'll try to get this platform to make some test in the future

Pending, can you maybe try to open and edit the device and tell me what's displayed in the Max Window ? (ctrl+M)


Strange... Wich os do you use ?
Works fine for me Mac Os 10.6.8 Live with Live 32bit 9.1.6 and Max 6.1.9


JakobFeingold, glad that it's work now for you !

Gregosaure, merci pour ces reports ! J'ai corrige le bug PWM pour la version 1.36.
Sinon, je n'ai pas bien compris le probleme de preset. Pourrais-tu detailler autrement ? Mon juno n'est pas dispo actuellement, je tenterai de faire des tests prochainement

Merci !

Bonjour Gregosaure,

Merci pour tes commentaires precieux. Malheureusment, apres avoir consulte le manuel du Juno 2, je ne pense pas qu'il soit possible de naviguer entre les banques "MEMORY" ou "CARTDRIDGE" tant que la cartouche est insere.
Les Program Change allant de 0 127, je n'ai vu aucune mention permettant de selectionner l'une ou l'autre possibilite.

Extrait du Manuel :
PGM Change 0-63 : Memory Group OR Cartridge
PGM Change 64-127 : Preset Group

Par ailleurs, nepossedant pas de Juno 2 il m'est impossible de faire des tests.

(Il faut eviter les accents sur, le site ne gere apparement pas ces caracteres...)

Excellente continuation !

Hi JakobFeingold,

In the Juno_Alpha_Router_In_Out.maxpat, "MIDI out" should set to send out the data TO your Juno MIDI In jack.

"MIDI in" menu should be set te receive data FROM your Juno MIDI Out jack.

Do not forget to set your Juno to receive and send exclusive messages by putting "MIDI excl" ON.

If it still does not work, try leaving Max runtime and the device.
Relaunch the Juno_Alpha_Router_In_Out first, and then put again the device on a MIDI track.


OK Synnack, thanks and sorry for that. But is there any way to display screenshot preview for each device in the list ?

Update 1.1

Dials should be now the first controllers with Push/APC

Nice, thanks for sharing !

Hi KingSize87,

Thank you to downloaded it ! Once You've downloaded the .amxd file, just put it on a midi track. Don't forget to Arm the track and set the track input to receive your mixer MIDI data.

The Device can be stored in your User Library
/User Library/Presets/MIDI Effects

Happy scratching !

Merci pour tous ces retours, n'hésite pas à noter le plug si tu es satisfait ;-) Musicalement,

Updated 1.33

Updated 1.32

Salut Greg,

Je retiens l'idee concernant le graphisme des formes d'ondes.

Pour les designations d'enveloppes, j'ai conserve a la lettre les termes utilises par Roland dans le manuel.

J'ai modifie les choix de presets sur le Juno pour eliminer les nombres se terminant par 0 et 9.

Enfin, concernant le block HPF, celui-ci est independant du block VCF (cf. schema technique) et se positionne juste en aval du block DCO. Il me semblait logique de ne pas l'inclure dans la section VCF.

Transmettre le nom des presets depuis le plug n'est pas à l'ordre du jour, peut-etre lors d’une prochaine mise à jour... ;-)

Updated 1.31

Hello Greg, merci pour ces précisions !

Je connais le problème d'affichage des menus, je suis en train de chercher une solution.
En attendant, je pense mettre à jour avec un affichage texte sans les icônes de formes d'onde pour pouvoir utiliser le plug.

Tu peux accéder aux deux banques de 64 presets, en utilisant le bouton "Memory Group/Preset Group".

Tu peux prendre contact directement avec moi par mail (veedjee at dissidentsquare dot net) ou via

À bientôt !

Hi Gregosaure, update available ;-)

Thanks to report all those issues.

I'll will test to bring Portamento control.

HPF control the High Pass Filter on the Juno (different from the VCF cutoff)

To save a preset, MAJ+click on a circle on the right. Next, if you want morph between two presets, enter the two presets that you want to morph (number box on the top right) and move the morph dial.

Some annotation help will be included in the next update...

Hi gregosaure, thanks a lot for your feedback ! I'll see this as soon as possible, stay tuned ;-)

Hi Klapton,

Thanks for comment. I take your comments into consideration for a future update soon.

Thanks for comments !! ;-)

Hello Savaels,

Thank you for your message, such a long time I didn't updated this device, nice to see people still using it !!!

You can edit the grid marker with the message "marker_horizontal $1" connected to the live.grid's first inlet.

No export planning at this point. For me, the simplest way to obtain MIDI clips is to record directly in Live with another MIDI track who receive the datas from Arpege device...

Thanks again & bye bye

Hi xygotcha, thx for comment ;-) You can save preset with Live set by shift-click in the preset circle on bottom left.

Hi justix66, sorry for the video, time is missing and I can't make a good video a this time. Did you turn on one of the seven seqs ? Do you see light moving on the scale and velocity grids ? Are notes going out of the devices ? Thanks.

Hi MadeInMachines, this device is a synth and not an editor. To build you own device, check the tutorials on the net to get the basics of Max and try the Cycling's forum. Good luck, bye

Hi soundsketcher, this device is working on my computer with Live 9.0.1 and Max 6.1.1 (both 32bit & 64bit). What are the issues ? Version 2.1 of Arpege with new features is in progress but I've not time at the moment to complete the work.

Thanks ;-)

Works fine now, thanks !

Hi, thanks to post this but doesn't work for me, you forgot to freez it...

I dreamed this, peter did ! Thanks !

Hi AcousmatiK, thank you for your comment ;) I do not understand what you mean, please contact me -> veedjee at gmail dot com.


Great stuff, thanks alot !

Once you have downloaded the file, place the PM.ladder~ files in a folder listed in your Max Path, see the File preferences.

Hi, use (maj+click) on a circle to save preset, and (maj+alt+click) to erase one. have fun !

Not tried but I do not think this is possible, here is an excerpt from the faq on cycling74: "Gen works within Max for Live with a full Max 6 license."


Great, thank you !!

Update is coming very soon... ;)

An interresting way to obtain rhythm, thank you for making us discover this!

this should work now, I posted on dropbox, just rename the file to .amxd... the file seems to big to be shared on maxforlive. ++

cool device, thanks to share !!

Yes, you must have been or be IRCAM Forum members to take advantage of Ircam externals IMTR library.

thanks !! :)

great !!!

thanks you mingus. the video can be happen in some time if I can find a little time for that. bye

nice !! thanks for sharing

Good job, nice work and very pleasant to use ! It would be so cool if we could program the pitch of repeted notes. thx