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RETROSIX Version 1.0
The strummer Version 1.0
Dancer Version 1.0
Bouncy Bits Version 1.0
MidiFunnel Version 1.0
The Chords Automator Version 1.0
Mini-B Organ Version 1.0
Echodial Version 1.0
Phat - Bass Synth Version 1.0
Auto Beat Composer Version 1.0

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Hmm.. Are you running this in Max 8? I'm asking because you're one in a lot of people who've downloaded this patch and no one (besides Max 7 users) have had trouble. In Max 7 by the way, it won't work.

Thank you ^^
And about the "Sensitivity".
Unfortunately, (at least in Ableton 9, maybe 10 is different [correct me if I'm wrong]) Sensitivity in Simpler is not mappable by any means... not even to a macro control in a rack... Hope that will change.Good point

^^It's a mistake, thank you for the note.