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Works like a charm. Ill be sure to send a video of a performance at some point when i get the time to set this all up. Thanks again!!!!

Sorry for being vague. The latest one you just finished up is working really well on both the push and the launchpad. Thanks so much for putting this together Ive been wanting an MLR for live clips forever. If you can fix this last glitch i can finally have the live looping setup ive been dreaming of!

The trouble is Live crashes if you try to record audio into a track that eb scrubber is currently controlling. Do you want me to send you the crash report? thanks again!

Hmmm the latest version 1.1 isn't working at all with either my launchpad or my push.

In fact my life would be complete if someone could build a "turn all clips ram mode on" max patch that i could trigger via a midi mapping. That would be awesome.

So stoked if we can get this to work. I noticed that the launchpad and push work pretty well if all the clips are turned onto ram mode. But is there a way to make it so when you hit the "init" button in ebscrubber, all clips are converted to ram mode? That would make it so easy for all of us live loopers to finally get a mlr app working with Live clips.

Did you design ebscrubber to automatically be in ram mode?

I also thought that with the new live 9.2 release you could toggle ram mode from m4l?

Hey thanks so much for this!

Do you have any plans to implement the pattern looper from mlrv? that would be rad