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Hey - will this retrigger on keytrigger. So if playing a mono synth it'll fire every time a midi not is struck?

Perfect for my shitty pedal polarit issue, saves a few quid - thanks

Hey Mate - this is fantastic thank you - how stupid they dont let you record automation with the hardware.

One thing - on Ableton PUSH when in the device mode the 8 Preset POTS across the top for the device are great but the 5th PATCH for ENV (which is a key one I think) seems to be missing.

So PUSH offers up

1 - Cutoff
2- Resnance
3- Accent
4 - Effect
6 - Mod
7 - X
8 - Y

I fixed it fairly easily - you just need to go and edit the properties for ENV and change the Automapping Index from 2 to 5 and save that off and it fixes it.

Very chuffed - may be worth a update it you have a second

ooh - actually whilst it works great for playing the notes via push using the Instrunet Rack features - your macro shortcuts don't seem to automatically Map on my version so when loaded the "Level", "decay", Snappy" shortcuts you made don't seem to work, which I guess is the M4L patch. Any ideas?

I have loaded the patch of yours having dropped the files into the relevant parts of the user library so it auto finds the patches. I imported the map you included via Load Midi CC Map - that doesnt change anything, but you mention above the Load Drum Map option and I wonder whether this is the missing component? What do you think? Currently mine is set to Factory Mapping.

Ableton version is 9.1.2 with latest Max and my Nepheton is 1.4.

great work anyway and maybe I am being dim? Thanks

You sir are a bloody genius - thankyou very much - fantastic work.

Hey Yoann- sorry to be dim but not sure I completely get this unless there is now a bug as other comments may suggest. I have tried this with a number of clips both in the channel and also on adjacent channels and the only functionality it seems to give is allowing retriggering of the audio clip at the set's quantize settings, with a counter running horizontally.

Good you explain a little what this does exactly - or how to use a little more? What you do in the vid seems fun but I cannot replicate that functionality.

Cheeky tutorial vid?