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About sternmull: I make Oscilloscope Music (sounds that look good on an oscilloscope) and this is my YouTube channel:
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fractal spiral Version 1.8
radar Version 1.3
fractal spiral Version 1.7
butterfly Version 0.1
mushrooms Version 0.3
sincos Version 4001
Oscilloscope Version 2.0
boing Version 1.1
text Version 0.1
wirdo spirals Version 0.1
trop Version 0.4
blubb Version 0.0
Kepler-Bouwkamp Version 0.4
Nyquist-Shannon Version 0.1
line horizon Version 0.1
starfield simulation Version 2.0
sincos demo Version 0.2

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@Beaches077: This patch isn't supposed to produce anything. It just displays lissajous images of the waveforms you send in. The presets change their color and drawing mode.