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A page refresh resulted in reposts;) What can i do. Any way to delete comments?
I did actually try throwing two instances onto the control surface. It kind of worked.
Would it not be possible to add more rows to the Scrubber, then on Push assign the arrow keys to scroll down to your desired track?
Either way, would be nice to be able to access more than 4 tracks at a time.

Are 2 Scrubbers possible?

User 2 is on LP, shhhhhh ok .....i should read more thoroughly:)

User 2 is on LP, shhhhhh ok .....i should read more thoroughly:)

Ah figured it out. Press the Undo button, then the playheads sync;)

Oh yea, and what is User 2 mode? I press Shift + User once, no playhead, press it again i get the playhead.
Using Push btw.

Thanks for creating this plugin.
When i press the shift button, the tracks don't sync the playhead.
Not sure if its something I'm doing wrong.