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this patch is optimized for monome OSC message format.
so, can not use MIDI or your custom OSC message.

but you can customize this patch...
if you use MIDI, i think that simple to use user1 mode.


Sorry, I still use Max5.1.2(and ableton8.1.1).
Max 5.1.2 is stable and no problem.

Please use "Multi Color Device" mode on 7up.

I was busy at work.


please install Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or later.
reinstall Max 5.1.3.
copy jars from 7up folder.

7up discussion is here.
you will find out details.


more details:

please check!!


Please right click mouse on monomeemu and choose open MAX window.
Now try to start monomeemu and 7up and see if any errors are written to the window.


Please use v2.0.4 or later of 7up.
and if you use windows, you need to install Bojour service package.

Please check here.


On user1 mode, button input is automatically mapped to MIDI.
M4L can't get button input.
I hope to be available user1 mode...


Please check this video:)


7up has the latency problem with MAX 5.1.1.

Please check this thread.

Because there is no fatal problem, I will release v0.9.2.

v0.9.2 and v0.9.2a3 diff:
Add annotations of info view in Live.

@ malkomalko

Thanks for your reporting.

I've uploaded v0.9.2a3
when you turn on/off autofocus or multicolor, LED will be initialized(light off).

I can implement thad LED will be initialized when autofocus message("/sys/prefix hoge") received from monome patch.
But that may be unexpected behavior.

@ lek

Thanks for new discussion thread and alpha testing!!


I've uploaded v0.9.2a2 & monomeemuQuad.

Quad devices emulation patch.

Support multi-device emulation
Support autofocus of stretta monome suite.
LED color is editable.
Add quad devices emulation.
Support mutliColorDevice option of 7up.
In 7up, monome64 and multiColorDevice can be used either.

To switch virtual quad devices, use the buttons "vol", "pan", "sendA" and "sendB" on left side navi.

@ verstaerker

monomeemu is not yet implemented a way to save the preset.
When I've finished implementation of features, I will work.

I've uploaded 0.9.2alpha and old versions to google code.

Please try.

0.9.2alpha --support multi-device emulation
To switch virtual two devices, use the buttons "vol" and "pan" on left side navi.

On user1 mode, M4L can't get the button matrix input...
I'm wondering:(

I'm working on "MultiColorDevice option".

@ disco3000

Thanks for reporting.
I didn't know MultiColorDevice option.
I'll see the details of MultiColorDevice option.
And if possible, I would like to support.

@ abletenor

Thank you for useful information.
I'm still using the old version.

@ lek

thank you:)
I'm testing monoroute with my monome.

@ disco3000

Please press the solid light button(showing current mode) once, and press a different mode button.

but if you change mode....

Please check Max window, right click on M4L device.
if java exceptions or Errors is occured, please reboot your ableton live.


I sent email.




>>"using user1 as a second independant monome emulation."
it's great idea!!
I'm working for the next version.
but I'm not too much time:(

@abletenor, djflash, lek

Fundamentally, Launchpad and M4L have hi-latency more than monome...
If Launchpad handle large volumes of osc messages at once, LED updates might be delayed.
Also, for the same reason, responses of button pads might be delayed.

Live API process on M4L is much slower than monome osc/serail communication speed.
Launchpad uses low-speed USB(it take 200 milliseconds to update all LED on Launchpad).
monome OSC Message style is inefficient(for example、 1 OSC message"/led_row" is convert to 8 messages that Launchoad can understand).

Without M4L, nonome approach(communication with midi) may be best way、if you focus on speed.


I released fixed version.
Please try latest Patch(0.9.1).


Prefix is unique key for that Launchpad communicate to host application.
You must specify 'same Prefix' for each other to communicate.

Please read monome documents.
In this document, monomeserial is monomeEmu for launchpad.

monome application list is here.

My English is so poor, I can not describe in detail.
Please enjoy.

In order to use 7up you'll need to do the following
1. load monomeEmu device, and you select launchpad and user2 mode.
2. set Prefix'7up' on monomeEmu.
3. load sevenUpCore device, and you click 'start/stop connections' button only once.

7up will working with monomeEmu correctly.

when you can not change nav menu, please check max window on M4L.
if java exceptions or Errors string is occured, please reboot your live.

udp(osc) server initializing process on 7up is slow.
when you click 'start/stop connections' button repeatedly, Java Exception will throw.
old osc process would continue to send packet.


thank your bug reports.
I will work to fix bugs.


i don't have apc40.
support only for launchpad.