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Also, I don't know how or if it would be possible at all, but a "send parameters" button would be great, and also a virtual patches bank to save/load paatches we created using the controller. These would be like having an infinite patches bank on the computer, instead of being stuck with the 100 patches bank on the sixtrak itself. Any idea if it would be posssible?

great controller, retro look, really helpful with my six-trak.
But what about the automoation for the multiple on-off type switches, like the different waveforms, lfo on, env inverts, and unison switches? They work, but they're not available for automation.
I know nothing about max and how to do that, but I know I've done it in the six-trak controller I made through FruityLoop's "Dashboard" I would assume its something possible here too (???)