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About sleepcycle: I make music under SLPCYC (aka sleepcycle).

I also like to discuss about Max for Live devices that I've come across and used.

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Video to see this in action?

I'm trying to understand the description of "using the wavetable technic". Is this just single cycle waves played back sampled from hardware?

So the entry price is $35.68, what's the price after December 31st?

The file is downloadable but there is no screenshot

Very easy device to use that expands the capabilities of the standard Random MIDI devices. Had so much fun automating Probability in a track that I recently made. I'll probably end up making a blog post with a walkthrough of how I use it in the future. Looking forward to any future devices you make.

Just downloaded it and about to give it a try. But before I do, kudos to making a device that breaks away from a boring GUI. Thank you for sharing this device to the community.

I might be doing something wrong, so I'm looking for help on troubleshooting. When I insert the device before Analog, I map the first mappable selector to the Filter Cutoff on Analog. I play it back and no audio comes out. I turn off Vector 1.0 and the audio plays through Analog.

Really awesome device that is instantly a part of my permanent Max for Live library, so much I wrote about it & made a video covering it.

Hey Pigreko, when I load the device, the Macro Controls don't contain any text (i.e. Freq, Wet/Dry, etc).

On the knob for Hold, values 0-63 don't seem to do anything but after the value is set to 64-127 the notes sustain for a very long time.

Neat device, I like Manual -> Next feature on it.

How should this be setup? I insert the device before Analog and play a Chord but no Arp comes out.

Really cool device & I appreciate the guide you provided on your site.

Well designed device. However, when I feed it audio, the audio input is on a delay, is that intended?

I'm not sure if I have this device set up correctly. When I add the device after a VST or after an Audio Clip, the audio does not pass through. So the workaround is to set up a separate track just for this device and map the parameters from there.

What do the left and right switches do under Octave and Note On/Off? I keep clicking on them but I don't visually see anything happening or a difference in the sound, so I think I'm using them wrong. Any advice?