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will have a look on it tomorrow thanks again! :)

hey thanks for the reply! I know that it would be helpful to get some knowledge of max, but in my time that's the first time I've encountered this programming language (don't get me wrong, I would really like to get deeper into this but at the moment I really don't have time, I need to get college work done and work on my thesis). I am also familiar with the node structure from nodebox, which has a very similar gui but uses javascript (I might be wrong on this) in its latest release. The problem with this is that i already tried to make what i wanted opening the max console and all, i tried to put the colorpicker after the button with an input from jit.slide which took input from the jit.catchi think, but it didn't work. I also tried to follow the tutorials with color scheme changing but they seem to overlay a opacity lowered layer on top of the image, instead of changing the color of the object itself. So a little hint on which command to use to change the color from red to whatever with some kind of automation or audio relation would be great! Thanks again!

hey, first of all thanks for this awesome device! i have a question about it tho: is it possible to have the color change over time or to make it selectable via a dialog box like the distance or the x/y axis? so it can be mapped or automated making it even cooler? any response would be really appreciated! i would do that myself but unfortunately i have little to no knowledge of max unfortunately! thanks in advance!