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link is down

this looks really cool. is there a list of available commands anywhere?

thank you! for all your devices!

crashed ableton 11.3 when dropping it on a track. Mac Ventura 13.3

KalanSorion pointed out, a video would be nice. Also, 17$ a month for the patreon is a bit steep. You do you, but if you are going to charge that much, maybe have a way to buy the devices individually instead of patreon sub.

why do we need to put our number to sign up?


What does the dry/wet do? and the advanced tab? not covered in the video

very interesting. i have a plugin that does similar, AYAIC Mix Monolith, but it honestly kind of sucks lol. Yours looks much simpler, and seems to yield better results.

unfortunately i got ripped off on this bundle. be wary if purchasing, perhaps reach out to the dev and ask for a trial, as 80 percent of the included devices do not work on my up to date Mac M1. I spent hours trouble shooting, replacing externals within max etc etc, and yielded no results. They are refusing refund. I hate calling out a small time dev like this, but just have to give fair warning.

hey! great, and thanks for this. ive been searching for / hoping for something like this since i first got instacomposer

very interesting device! thank you!

I got some really cool results by using a break beat, and then three random funk samples. Spewed out a really wonky, funky, mess of a groove.

this thing is seriously awesome. Its like RC-20 meets Futzbox on steroids. Very simple interface. Unlimited use cases, great sounding, just awesome! Would absolutely love a randomize feature. Thanks again. donating to your Ko-fi now

i figured it out. follow instructions on the Ko-fi website. You must take the two IR response folders and the LOFI AMXD device out of the folder and put them in your user library Max Audio Effect folder.

@babasynth, i got the same error, went through the instructions to install. restarted my computer, and it still doesnt work... sad

hey! thanks for this, its awesome, but i cant get the convolution part to work! all other sections of the patch are working great, but when convolution is at 100% dry/wet, no sound comes out. tried multiple different IR's.

The rest of the plugin is great, but would love to get the IR's working!

Im on ableton 11.2, MB Pro M1

looks super cool, but not working for me. MB Pro M1 max, ableton 11.2

awesome! if you are going to be doing updates, would love to see a master dry / wet, if possible.

ummmmmm. ok this thing is freaking cool! thanks a lot. Very inspiring, love the randomizing. Warning tho, keep a limiter at the end of this if your going to start randomizing!

cool little synth. thanks!

beautiful! finally a plaits type synth for max that actually works! all the extra features are just a massive bonus, thank you!!

works great! thanks for the quick fix. sounds awesome on some old breaks

UI is not loading on m1 mac. its just the max cables and knobs. it still sort of works tho. kinda feel like its not really doing what its supposed to tho.

hey! thanks for this, its really cool! Would love to see the ability to change the time, instead of just one bar, have some more options, 1/4 note, 4 bars etc.

Would also love an envelope randomizer!

Either way, works great, and appreciate this!

haha this thing is awesome! sounds like shit in the best way possible. well done!

hey! very cool device. sounds great and i love the UI. thank you very much for this!

thank you! will you be planning on releasing the rest of the analog obsession wrappers you make for free as well?!!

@luigipietro20 can you tell us how to do that haha. Ill try to figure it out based on your comment tho!

hoping it gets working too! much appreciation to terror disco for the work!

it loads for me fine, but zero sound is coming out.

not working for me, M1 mbpro. Ventura 13.3. Latest version of ableton

@irishmos yah! thats it. its very simple. ableton just launced a tutorial series ALP pack , to help you get started. If OP doesnt want to change the color, or doesnt have time etc, i can also upload here. just dont want to take away from OP's creation.

@irishmoss @freddyfingaz right there with you guys on the font. But i did a super quick and easy fix, by just opening the device, click on the white square background, and change the color to a light blue. Its very easy, little to no knowledge of max needed.

To Kern, thanks for the fun and free device. very cool

Hi! thanks for this, it sounds really good on the master in a test run.

thank you! another fun one. sounds great on a wide range of material i tested.

thanks for this. its fun and cute! easy to come up with some weird stuff for resampling. I know its probably supposed to be simple and fun, but would love a few more controls!

been asking ableton for this for years...

hi! seems really cool, but dont think its working..? or i dont know how to use it haha