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Looks nice, but you would also need to check if the right Java version installed. With older JRE it does no work...

Cool idea!

Thank you - a demo video would be really cool!

Great device! Some helpful features come to mind:

1) Would be nice to use the LFO on Audio Tracks (and not just on MIDI Tracks).
2) Please show the value of the LFO result.
3) Allow smoothing the drawn curve, best would be for each Mapped parameter with different strengths.

Thanks a lot :-)

Interesting! Please give some details about the Pen tool - seems to change the stereo panorama somehow.

And it would be cool if Twist had the option to keep the Pitch instead of Re-Pitching. Thanks a lot :-)

Great! Would be nice if it would be a MIDI compatible device, so it can be placed also next to MIDI devices...

Looks great, indeed a multiplier would be really cool! Thanks :-)

For the next version it would be great to save presets and morph between them! Thanks for making this!