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uToniCControl Version 1.0

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You're welcome! Thanks for the device!

Maybe you just edit the A patch if the morph slider is in the left half etc?

So, if I select a darker theme I will get the darker version of the device?

...also how do you switch theme light/dark?

Wow! Really impressive device. One of the best I have seen on this site. Well done!!

I do have two suggestions for an otherwise really professional device...

One thing I miss with this style of implementation is usage of the morph slider. Any chance of sneaking that in somehow?

Also, no idea how you package up the uTonic vst - thats great, but it would be good if we could use the pitched version of the single channel so you can play pitches at different tones.

Top effort!!

Exactly what I was looking for. Ability to scale incoming velocity.

I get ya!!! tks

wow! Awesome!

3dot just asked my question..... I swear that wasnt there a few minutes ago!

Thanks for the quick reply. Racked or Unracked all the cc's revert to zero when dragged from the browser.

Interestingly I can see just briefly when it loads the cc numbers are there and then they all switch to zero.

I am on a Mac with Live 9.06

Thanks for this. Great work. I have one suggestion / request.

When I rack this up and save it to my browser. It doesnt save the cc#'s assignments with it. So, when I drag it in from the browser all the cc# assignments have to be re-made.

Is there any way to make it save the cc# assignments when I save a rack to Live's browser?