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Hey pyamada, thank you so much in advance! This is pretty much what I’ve been looking for since ages... and it works on return tracks!!!! BUT: all three loopers should be on the same track!??! Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the ability to show/hide looper 2&3? Like one floating window represents one looper... or being able to set each looper visualization from a seperate track! So if i see the status of three loopers but sitting on track 1,2&3 for example! cause in my case my 8 loopers sitting in return 1-8, and i really just need to see 2 or 3 formy band mates... I would even pay something for this feature!!! But Mostly important your device works!!! Cheers man!!!

@sharp hey, unfortunately this is not possible... do you think you will have time in the near future to make this work in return tracks? i´m happy to pay you cause i really would need this device!!! thanks in advance

hey, this is a very great device and exactly what i was looking for but unfortunately i can´t use it cause all my loopers sitting in the return channels and i can´t get them to show up in the device... please say this is possible! i would really need this device!!!