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About rbrt23: deep inside my heart (not sure if i got one,maybe i`m a robot) i want to rule the world,
but since this would be tooo much work,and i would have to communicate way too much with other wanna-be-world-leaders,i write monster patches with MAX.

i dont like facebook and i dont have an academic background whatsoever

you want to know about my hobbies?
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Devices by rbrt23

BOOM Version 2.0
YEAH multichannel audio with m4l-devices WOW Version 1.0
WROOM 2 Version 2.0
low end limiter Version 1.0
LOOPO Version 1.3
mono maker Version 1.0
mono maker Version 1.0
mono maker Version 1.0
crossover Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 2,288

Comments by rbrt23

Comments stuff you're doing!
I didn't check out this one,but the midi control devices on your website.
Very clean patching (LIVE's factory m4l - devices are such a mess in comparsion...), nice concepts!

I would love to check this out,
but it crashes LIVE everytime I try to load it.

does it use a floating window?
this seems to be buggy since live 9.5 or so.

I'm on win10

the low/mid/hi controls are a really nice idea!
thanks for sharing!

so cool!!!

@uuuhu HELL yeah!thanx!
@jeffromusic ups? I have a look at the Automation Settings..

he that's pretty cool!


...what a good lookin' feline this is! record into LIVE's native drumrack-slot's ??
simply impossible for several fatal reasons.

but check out this device I did a while ago::

...pretty close to what I guess you have in mind..

this is an old version , 32 bits ONLY
I'm working on a new one....if you want to PAY me just get in touch...

heey juan look what i did,
its the goddamn 64 slot loopstation!!
shes here! shes wants your blood!