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Sounds nice and the 'Pitch" knob is pretty cool!

Very nice, like it a lot, learned a bit more about what people mean by "303" just by playing with this device.

Great device for drones/ambient, thanks!

Really cool device, thanks!

Great device, really like it! Thanks!

Works on Windows, nice, thanks!

Thanks, really nice!

(works fine in 10.1b13 beta on Windows 10)

Really nice, I liked it a lot, thanks!

Bought this one and used the Krypt1k ones too, they are completely different.

The Krypt1k ones record their own generated modulation, and it gets recorded as automation for the Krypt1k devices themselves, not in the automated device. Gotta copypaste to the parameter in the automated device manually later.

The VKondakoff one records any automation mapped to it and has a little "Rate" parameter. Doesn't have any modulation of its own but records the automation directly in the parameter, no need to copypaste later (so it also can be used directly with devices in another track). Sends automation constantly like it was the user, so it triggers automation override. So you may have to unmap the parameter or disable the device to use the recorded automation.

Just one snag: sometimes notes get stuck, seems to be related to the "random" buttons (not sure).

Also, I like how the Sub hits with the main (root?) key instead of being included in the "Speed" roll.

Thanks, really nice, simple yet very useful.

Nice, still works on Live 10.0.3b5 Beta, on Windows 10 1803. Thanks!

LOL, no, had totally forgotten, it is indeed working fine.


Nice! Really cool!

Seems the LFO1's Sync mode isn't working.

This is awesome, thanks!