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Thanks for your reply!
Indeed it would defeat it's purpose and be more like a slicer... so don't bother about that :)

Thanks dataf1ow, great work, fun device :)

Some issues/questions for me, working on Ableton Suite 9.6 with a Launchpad Pro:

1. It's not possible to insert v1.5 on any track. v1.4 works.
2. The device changes the global quantization of my Ableton Set. Is this intended or necessary for the device?
3. As mentioned before, a 1/8th quantization would be helpful.

4. I wonder if you can find a way, to keep the clips running on their normal play positions, so that the scrubbing doesn't restart the clip on the triggered position. Might be in conflict with the "scrub" feature maybe?

Thanks for sharing! I'm hoping for improvements :)